3 Non-beauty tips for a clearer complexion

Have you tried every serum and potion in the market in the attempt to clear your skin but nothing seemed to be work? Sometimes you have to look beyond beauty products in order to achieve that enviable glow. Here are 3 non-beauty tips you might have missed when you’re finding ways to clear your skin/to ensure you’re not causing more damage to your skin.

1. Air purifier

We rarely think about how the environment affects our skin, especially at home. Indoor air is sometimes even more polluted than outside air. An air purifier is a daily necessity especially since most of us stay indoors during the day. We like Andrea Air purifier.

2. Clean your phone

Our phones and tablets pick up all sorts of dirt, and when we talk on the phone, even just holding or typing on our phones, we will inevitably touch our face, directly transferring the dirt to our face and clogging our pores! Make sure to wipe down your phone and tablet as much as possible with an antibacterial wipe for electronics.

3. Sip on that green juice

Cold pressed juices are all the rage right now, and rightly so. We know that what we eat and drink has a direct effect on our skin. We make sure we stay hydrated and eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday to ensure we feel energised and vibrant. Adding green juices as a snack is a great boost of vitamins which will give you that clear and glowing complexion we all yearn for.

Are there any non-beauty tips you could think of?

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