5 Bridesmaid Ideas that Will Make Your Best Friends Happy

So you’ve picked your dream dress and venue, now you’ve got to think about the bridesmaid dresses. Here at InvisiBra, we’d want our bridesmaids to look as good as the bride, so non of that ‘make the bridesmaids look bad’ nonsense.. We’ve picked 5 ideas that will ensure that everyone looks and feels their best, after all our bridesmaids are our best girlfriends.

1) The Slip
A Slip dress is simple yet elegant and it will complement most wedding dresses. To add an extra va-va-voom, choose ones with a thigh slit. Which will make it easier to dance – so they won’t have an excuse not to. Another plus of choosing a slip dress is that it’s a classic silhouette so it can be worn over and over again post wedding.

lavalia multiway dress 2) Multiway Dress
Multiway dresses are great because your bridesmaids can choose whichever style they’d prefer. After all, we all have our own body type and style so multiway dresses are a fantastic choice for brides that want to give their bridesmaids the freedom to choose themselves. Not only that, but by choosing a multiway dress, your bridesmaids aren’t tied to one style. They could even change their minds on the day or even throughout the day. You could also choose shades of a colour or complementary colour. For example 5 shades of blue or grey & pink. Check out this guide.

3) 2 Piece
Who says you’ve got to follow the rules? Floor length bridesmaid dresses are a traditional choice, and even though we love the look, sometimes you just want something different. If you don’t want to go too different then a 2 piece could fit the bill. It could either comprise of a top with a skirt or with trousers if you want to take it a step further.

4) Jumpsuits
Though jumpsuits are a very unconventional bridesmaid look, with the right one it will make a strong case for ditching the classic bridesmaid attire.

bridesmaid dresses their choice
5) Let them choose
Lastly, why not let your bridesmaids choose? We know ourselves best and what works for us. We’re all unique and have different styles and personalities. Our bridesmaids would feel their most beautiful, if they are dressed as themselves. Rather than pretend to be who we want them to be. If you don’t want them to be too mismatched, make sure they go through it together to make sure it still looks good together, or maybe not, if your bridesmaids’ styles are vastly different it could look good too!

Lastly, don’t forget to get them some InvisiBras too! They are a must for any outfit. There’s nothing worse than letting straps ruin the look, especially for a wedding! InvisiBra offers instant lift, shape and support. Featuring self adhesive silicone cups that enhance your natural shape, our premium adhesive is sweat proof, reusable and ensures a secure fit. Choose between classic cup for maximum lift, push up cups for more volume and plain cups for versatility.

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