5 Productivity hacks that will get you through your to­do list

How’s that to­do list of yours looking? Pretty lengthy? Panic not. Your to­do list might well be suggesting that you’re going to have to pull an all­ nighter, but fear not, we’ve found a way to ensure your all ­nighters are only ever associated with the best parties of your life, not work. Check out our five productivity hacks that will help you nail that pesky to­do list once and for all!

Zone out

If you’re trying to complete a to­do list whilst also emailing your clients AND your friends, as well as paint your nails ready for tonight and help Sonia work out how to respond to the text she just got from her boyfriend, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to have crossed everything off by 5pm on Friday. So, zone out. Shut down your emails, leave your nails until later and tell Sonia to get a life. Tackle you list one by one ­ do not multitask!

Go big

The bigger the task you set yourself, the more energy you’ll find you have to complete it. So start with the big things on your list first. You’ll find the energy from somewhere to complete it, and when you do you’ll feel so pumped that you fly through the rest of your list ­ it will also make all the smaller things on your list seem so insignificant in comparison.

Keep it clean

Mess equals stress. If you’re surrounded by a cluttered desk, untidy house, or you’re well aware that there’s a heap of washing up in the sink ­ clean it. Your mind won’t be able to focus on your list if it’s too concerned about the red wine stains on your kitchen side. Give yourself 30 minutes to have a quick tidy and then try again.

Start early

If you work late into the night, not only have you already worn yourself out for the next day, but you’ve missed out on a potentially great evening spent with friends! Instead, set your alarm unusually early. You’ll be able to get a few hours of work done with no distractions and you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the fun ­ everyone will still be asleep.

Be generous

Share your to­do list! Delegating can be pretty hard, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t share the load. Use the resources around you to get through that list all the more efficiently and effectively ­ don’t feel like you’re being a burden on anyone, or cutting corners. You’ll find that people are more than happy to help out, especially if it means you can come out to play even sooner.

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