5 things we’ve learned about interior design from Pinterest

Have you recently found yourself staring around the room, looking at items that you only bought last year (like that expensive 70s lamp) and thinking, ‘I hate everything in here’? If so, then we believe you are an avid user of Pinterest. We’ll guilty of scrolling through Pinterest endlessly searching for interior design ideas for our dream house.

Studies (our studies) have found that when using Pinterest on a regular basis, one finds themselves compelled to redecorate in order to create a ‘calm haven’ or ‘rustic chic’ boudoir. There’s nothing wrong with that, you just need to have the savvy or the budget in order to support this unnecessary need. Got one of those? Then take on board these five things that Pinterest has taught us about interior design, and go nuts.

Clutter can work

If you’ve collected several bits and bobs over the years and have taken to shoving them in a box for when you upscale to a place with rooms that can be reserved solely for sh*t you bought on holiday, then rejoice. Pinterest says you can display your clutter, when paired with bright bold colours! Please be warned that this effect shouldn’t be created in a room where you usually like to ‘switch off’.

Rose gold = serenity

Have you been trying to create a space of absolute peace, but struggling to avoid it looking like a temple or harem? Well then you’re obviously missing rose gold. Duh. Pantone’s colour of the year is a delicious mix of pale pinkish and blue, which when partnered with rose gold accessories makes for a pretty relaxing environment.

Brick is best

Have you ever seen a brick wall on Pinterest that didn’t look totally one hundred percent awesome as the backdrop to pretty much any style of furniture? Answer: no. If you’re lucky enough to boast a brick wall then make the most of it. Pinterest advises you not to cover it up with plaster or paint, but to emphasise it by leaving it bare for all to see. Job, done.

Out is in

If you thought you’d only ever see a palm tree near a beach, think again. Pinterest has made bringing the outside inside an absolute necessity of 2016, which means placing a palm by your fireplace is now completely legit. Adding a touch of nature to your living space is not only rather healthy, but also a great way to give the place a bit of colour and life!

Feature walls are back

Everyone remembers Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s “feature walls” on Changing Rooms circa 2002. He always assured us that painting one wall of the couple’s nice living room crimson would work once we saw the overall effect, yet when paired with a zebra striped carpet we just couldn’t see it ourselves. However, Pinterest is now making feature walls happen, only on a far more tasteful scale. The trick? Go completely minimalist, but for a gigantic piece of unusual, bold artwork on one wall. Nailed it.

If you have another Pinterest interior special for us, then please let us know! Tag us on Twitter (@lovelavalia) so we can pin to our own interior inspo board!

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