5 Ways To Wake Up Happier

Stressful day? Feeling exhausted, fed up and just generally unhappy? Before you go quitting your job or falling out with your friends, there are a few small things you could try first. We’d really recommend giving the below five things a go and seeing if you wake up at least a little happier than you were today!

Make a list (the answer to every 20-something’s problem)

We know, it sounds cliche right? But trust us, it really works! Simply start by listing just five things you’re grateful for. It might seem like a lot, but we know people who try to write 50 every day! It could be anything from having a best friend at work, to living opposite a co-op (so convenient!). Making the list can help you to realise that you’ve actually got it pretty great. And studies show people who are grateful are much happier.

Switch off

Yep, we mean your phone, your iPad, your TV, your Kindle. Just switch off from technology. You need to allow your mind to stop wandering in order to get a good night’s sleep. And what does a good night’s sleep lead to? A great, happy morning.

Eat a tasty breakfast

For goodness sake, treat yourself! We’re not encouraging you to stuff your face every time you’re sad, but a good, sizeable and nutritious meal for breakfast can give you the boost of energy you need to face the day! Plus, how can pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup not cheer you up?!

Play with your pets

We’re not being silly, when you’ve got a jam packed schedule it can be difficult to get in some quality time with your pets, and who better to put a smile on your face? Get up just fifteen minutes earlier to allow time for a game of fetch or just a snuggle on the sofa before you leave. Don’t have a pet? #borrowmydog!

Breathe and focus

You know we love a bit of yoga and meditation, but it’s for good reason. Yoga can help you to focus your thoughts and relax your breathing. What’s really making you unhappy? Meditating can help you to better focus on the root the problem, whilst also helping you to calm down and gain a little perspective.


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