6 Ways To Wear InvisiBra

In this post, we’ll show you 6 ways to wear InvisiBra. InvisiBra is the most versatile lingerie you’ll ever own. Why? Because you’re going to be able to wear anything you’d like. InvisiBra was born because we wanted a bra that we could wear with all the backless, strapless, off shoulder clothes we wanted to wear. Going braless was not an option for us, so we had to figure out a solution.

We tried all the adhesive bras on the market but none of them worked for us. Some slid off in a few hours, some even a few minutes. We also wanted something that looked pretty too. Since there weren’t any that ticked all our boxes. We decided to make our own!

We sourced the best adhesive we could find, which results in InvisiBra lasting up to 100 wears. InvisiBra is so secure, you can dance and jump around and it’ll only come off when you take it off. It’s so comfortable that you’d forget you were wearing anything. It gives you lift and support you wouldn’t get by going braless. And most of all, it looks amazing.

Our floral lace comes in a variety of beautiful colours. If you love pink, there’s Angelina and Anabella. If you’d prefer nudes there’s Alyssa and Aria. Or choose our ivory classics like Angela, Avery, Rose and Camellia, which are perfect for weddings. But if you’d prefer completely lace-free we’ve got these too, and they even come in 3 different skin colours. If you’d like more push up, we’ve got these. InvisiBras also come with matching knickers because we know how important this is. So now that you’ve got your InvisiBra, we’ll show you 6 ways to wear it so you can get some ideas just how versatile InvisiBra really is.

1. Backless

2. Strapless

3. Off-Shoulder

4. Strappy

5. Halterneck

6. One Shoulder

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