A New Year Revamp 2018

Every new year, we look forward to pressing that reset button. New Year = fresh start. This means taking the time to recalibrate our life, our prioritise and our intentions for the year. It is a great time to try new workouts to switch things up, or add in superfoods/adaptogens to elevate your health and wellness. You could even try Infrared saunas to promote detoxification, especially after a boozy, gluttony filled holiday. So here is a list of things you could try this new year to revamp yourself.

A New Year Revamp 2018


The Tracy Anderson Method: We’re kind of late to the party – Tracy’s method have been around for years and we have just gotten around to trying it after having numerous friends recommending it. You basically do 30 minutes of muscle work followed by 30 minutes of super fun dance cardio. The routine changes every 10 days so it’s targeting different muscles. So far, we love it.

Boxing: We’ve been a fan of boxing for years now. It is a great workout that works the whole body and it strengthens your coordination. We always feel amazing and strong after every session.

VersaClimber: This is a form of high intensity cardio workout that mimics the natural motion of climbing. This is our pick for the new year since it’s new for us – we’ve always loved wall climbing so we reckon we would love this.

Lead a more active life

Sure, some of us love to workout and are able to carve out time for it. But no matter if you go to classes weekly or simply don’t have the time, it’s important to stay active during the day, not only for those 30 minutes – an hour of intense sessions at the gym. The key to a balanced lifestyle is to move regularly, even just walking around the office every 30 minutes or so can make a huge difference. Set an alarm to remind youself to get up. You could also get off one stop early from work and walk the rest. If you live relatively close to your office, you could try to wake up a little earlier and walk to work instead. If you take the lift, you could start taking the stairs.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key to a healthy lifestyle, so don’t set unrealistic goals that you can’t keep long term. Working out 3 days/week consistently is better than spurts of daily hardcore sessions and then not doing anything for a few weeks. Do the things you love and you will look forward to doing them on a regular basis.


Adding in superfoods like spirulina and barley grass juice powder can add an extra boost to your life. They are filled with beauty enhancing vitamins and minerals, and support our detoxification. Adding 1 tsp to your morning smoothies will enhance your life. Another thing we love to add into our routine are Moon juice powders – cult beauty/net-a-porter stock them in the UK – These are mixes of adaptogens which help our bodies cope with stress and balance us – calms us when we need it, boosts our energy, helps us gain clarity, helps us sleep, makes us glow and even boost our creativity.

You could try is adding in 1 green juice/day – if you don’t have time to make them you could order them and get them delivered (Radiance) or drop into these juice bars (Raw Press, Juice Baby). The greener the better. Starting with 1 green juice everyday will make you glow like crazy, your energy will shoot right up and you’ll feel amazing.


After a party filled season, the first few months of the year is a great time to recharge and set ourselves up for the year. As it’s winter anyway, this is a great time to take time out for yourself and add in more self-care. This means nourishing yourself with healthy food, moving your body and honouring yourself when you feel tired and be able to say no to invitations. Taking the time to take that bath, lounge around at home in your favourite silky loungewear (we’ve got great ones if you’re looking) reading your favourite book or magazine, catch up on podcasts and TV shows. Because we can only be our best selves if we take care of ourselves first.

Infrared saunas

After an indulgent holiday, we can all feel a bit bleh. To detoxify from it, a whole foods diet can really help, especially adding in as much plants are you can. But if you want an extra boost, infrared saunas are incredible. We have heard stories of people witnessing actual gunk seeping out of their pores. If you’ve never heard of infrared saunas, they create heat from within our bodies, different to regular saunas which puts heat into us. The heat from within us is like a fever, so it pushes out toxins out of us.


KonMari method : This is a method devised by Marie Kondo to help people change their lives by decluttering, her method is about letting go of anything that doesn’t spark joy. If you haven’t used it in the past year, it means it’s time to let it go. Donate it to a charity or do a clothing swap with some friends. A clearer space means a clearer mind, which will help you be more productive and happy in the long run.