Backless Bra As Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Special Someone

According to our Google Analytics data, half of our visitors are men! If you’re one of them, are you visiting our site because you’re fascinated by the latest innovations in women’s lingerie or are you perhaps shopping for a backless bra as a valentine gift for her?

Backless Bras

Either way, you’re at the right place! Strapless bras are archaic in the lingerie world, they’re dinosaurs. They’re uncomfortable; staying in place with the help of uber tight elastics, giving ladies rash and blisters that burn and they don’t even stay in place half the time, ending up round the waist instead. A backless bra however, is made of soft silicon that feels just like breasts, they mould to the body and women often quote that “it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all”. Another advantage a clear back bra has over a strapless bra is that it’s low maintenance.

Less Laundry!

Everyone knows that once you start throwing the wired bras (which is every strapless bra) into the laundry machine, the wire eventually gets destroyed, deforming or poking through the fabric. A backless bra in comparison, only needs a quick rinse with tap water and is left to air dry, ready to be worn the next day. That’s another reason to buy your special someone a backless bra as a valentine gift, do less laundry and make time for more, um, exciting activities! Speaking of which, remember the trick Joey from Friends mastered? The unhook-a-bra-clasp-in-a-second trick?

Just Peels Off

The clear back bra does away the need for mastering this trick because the clasp is in the front and you don’t even need to undo it to take the bra off, the bra simply peels off. If that doesn’t put the backless bra on your valentine’s gift list I don’t know what will! An added bonus of InvisiBra over other backless bras is the fact that we’re the only one of the market offering lace designs. Everyone else does chicken fillets; InvisiBra does Lingerie. We believe that functional underwear doesn’t need to look boring, it should make a woman feel sexy, I’m sure you’ll agree with that too.

If you purchase a backless bra as a valentine gift for her, we’ll throw in another free gift for her, because good things come in pairs!