Backless Dresses for the Party Season

With all the Christmas and festive parties that take place in November and December, you can say that party season is in full swing. It's one of the best times of the year if you ask us. The friends and family gatherings, the presents, festive coffee flavours and the lights and decorations everywhere really does make Christmas special. What's more, whether you've had a good year or not, the aspect of a new year starting is exciting. Now is a good time to reflect on the past year, what you've achieved and areas you can improve. But before you get all contemplative, lets focus on getting through this party season first! Shopping for party outfits can be either your favourite pass time or a total drag, depending on how much time you have on your hands. For those of you still looking for outfit options, we've done your homework for you. Check out our hand picked backless outfits. To purchase, simply click on the photo and it'll take you to the retailer's website. With backless outfits, the questions is always, what bra to wear under backless dress? Obviously, it's an InvisiBra!

What bra to wear under backless dress

If you're new to us (Hi!) and are therefore, wondering what bra to wear under backless dress, then we've got some exciting news for you. InvisiBra is a backless strapless bra that gives lift, shape and support. A stick on bra in nature, the cups stick directly onto your boobs. With proper positioning, InvisiBra gives amazing lift. InvisiBra fits a wide range of bra sizes. Even though we only go up to a size "D", InvisiBra can fit a 28G, 30FF, 32F, 34E and 36DD. Fact check this with this fit guide! There you'll see InvisiBra working for a wide range of sizes. The key to whether InvisiBra would give you sufficient support if you've got bigger boobs, is how firm your boobs are. The perkier they are, the more InvisiBra is going to be A-Okay!

What makes InvisiBra so amazing, is the adhesive we use. It's powerful but skin friendly. Which means InvisiBra stays on securely, even when you dance and sweat, but it won't rip your nipples off when you take them off. Whats more, the stickiness regenerates itself after each wash, so you get to wear it again and again. Because one use products are so wasteful, InvisiBra can be used up to 100 wears!

We offer 3 different backless bras: Lift, Boost and Plunge. Lift is great, if you've got bigger boobs, or you're after a natural look. These slightly padded bras are lightweight and offer the most lift! Boost is for you ladies who want more; more boob and more cleavage. These are more padded than the lift, and are therefore a bit heavier. So not advisable for anyone who needs a lift. Plunge is for those plunge necklines. These styles are made of fabric and do not feature a clip in the middle.