Backless Wedding Dresses

Are you surprised that backless wedding dresses are often among our favourites in every designer bridal collection we pour over? Backless wedding dresses are timeless and subtly sexy without being over-the-top. All backless wedding dresses require the best supporting act – the InvisiBra. A backless strapless stick-on InvisiBra is mandatory and by wearing an InvisiBra, you can rest assured you will be well supported on your wedding day. InvisiBras are secure and will keep them lifted and in place at all times until you take it off. We even have a method to ensure you get the most lift (apply the cups on the vertical, not horizontal, more on that here). If you want a boost, we’ve got a push up range for that.

Most of all, we’re glad to see the backless look still dominates much of the 2017 designer wedding dress collections. We’ve rounded up our favourite backless wedding dresses of this season. These wedding dresses are beautiful front to back and are statement pieces, designed to wow. If you want jaws to drop and have all eyes on you, look no further than a backless wedding dress. And with a backless strapless bra like the InvisiBra, you can rest assured that you’d be well supported.

Our Favourite Backless Wedding Dresses







Alon Livné


Solo Merav


rime arodaky


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