How to banish the mid-afternoon slump from your day

It’s 3.30pm, it’s beginning to get dark outside. And you’re still working on the same report you started at 9.30am. When we work so hard all morning, trying to fit as much in as possible. Cramming in a quick bite for lunch and knocking back numerous coffees in quick succession. It’s hardly surprising we experience a mid-afternoon slump almost everyday! As much as we’d like to curl up under our desks, it’s not always possible, so here are our top tips on how to banish that slump from your day!

Take a screen break

When you’re sat in front of your computer screen all day. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted all too soon. Using the computer so frequently strains your eyes which can make your eyes feel very tired. Make sure you’re taking regular breaks away from your screen and that when you return you are sitting a suitable distance away from it!


You might prefer to get your workout over and done with first thing in the morning. But why waste all that morning energy on a workout? Use it to be productive and work your way down your to-do list instead. Make time for your workout in the afternoon and get that adrenalin pumping to help you get through the rest of your day!


Stretching out your muscles can give you that quick boost of energy you need to complete a task, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day or sat on an uncomfortable chair! There are stretches you can do whilst seated at your desk, but we’d recommend getting up and getting your colleagues involved for a group stretch sesh!

Have a snack

You might feel like you’ve only just had your lunch, but you’d be surprised at the energy boost a piece of fruit can provide!

Change the channel

Been listening to some soothing jazz all morning? No wonder you feel sleepy! Change the station and turn up the volume to get your heart beating and your mind racing toward the weekend at full speed! Pop your headphones on if you’re worried you’ll annoy the rest of the room.

Any other tips to banish the mid-afternoon slump? Let us know @invisibra!

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