Barely There Beauty: The InvisiBabe’s Guide to Naked Makeup

At InvisiBra, we believe that every woman should be comfortable in her own skin; which is why we love creating products that allow you to show it off. And, while we love a dramatic makeup look, there’s something to be said about the “barely-there” aesthetic that’s taking both the runway and Instagram by storm. It’s not about changing your look, but enhancing it. We’ve picked some of our favourite products by superstar brands that give your natural beauty a subtle enhancement; these natural makeup ideas will leave people to wonder if you’re even wearing any makeup at all. We have to admit, we’re big fans. Girls, it’s time to rock what your mama gave you and celebrate your beautiful, unique face. After all, there’s nothing more inspiring and confidence-boosting than showing off your skin. We would know.

Our Favourite Natural Makeup Ideas


boy brow glossier invisibra

1. Glossier Boy Brow

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend tee, boyfriend brow. We’re borrowing this one from the boys. Glossier has blown-up on the makeup scene due to its products that provide natural, yet gorgeous looks. The Boy Brow is no exception. Although we love big Cara Delevingne eyebrows, too much product or colour can overwhelm your face. Glossier’s eyebrow formula is made of a light pomade that subtly colours and thickens your brow while shaping it; no tweezers required. Or, if colour isn’t your thing, it also comes in clear form. With this product, your natural brows will be given a boost, framing those gorgeous eyes of yours (as if you needed another reason to show them off).

How-To: Simply move the wand in the natural direction of your eyebrows, working your way through the hairs. Then, leave to dry.

too faced nude lipstick invisibra

2. Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick

Better Too Faced than two-faced if you ask us! With Too Faced’s wide selection of nudes, matching a variety of skin tones, you’ll be comfortable showing off just the one. The colours of this collection highlight your natural skin colour, yet lightly cover any discolouration or irregularities. Made with hydrating cocoa butter, this lipstick also works like a chapstick, smoothing over any chapping. Go on, flirt a little; with this lipstick, people won’t just be reading your lips, they’ll be dying to kiss them!

How-To: Start by colouring your cupid’s bow (the double curve of your upper lip) and then move the colour to the rest of the lips for an even tone. One shade is enough, but for a richer colour, feel free to add another.

RMS coconut invisibra

3. RMS Raw Coconut Cream

We’re just as obsessed with coconut as everyone else is. Why? Because coconut is a super- ingredient that always goes the extra mile, like this RMS Raw Coconut cream. Not only does it remove your makeup with ease, it also moisturizes, protects, and cleanses your skin (and lashes and hair!); leaving behind a delightful nutty aroma. Entirely organic, this product uses raw, unrefined coconut, so that you get all of the benefits of the ingredient; no filler. Go nuts.

How-to: Store in a warmer area, like the bathroom, so the coconut oil doesn’t harden too much. Use a small amount and apply all over your face, then remove excess moisture with a towel. Allow for the oil to seep completely into your skin before dressing.

cle de peau invisibra

4. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

What’s in a name? This Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, as its name implies, is like lingerie for your skin. Light, airy, but with coverage, this product banishes cakeyness. In fact, the formula is so light that it doesn’t transfer, allowing your white clothing to breathe a sigh of relief. Made with a bio-fusion micro-mesh, there is actual silk and linen fibres in its formula, which, as lingerie makers, we are very excited about. This product lasts all day, making it the perfect canvas for the other products on this list. Put your best face forward.

How-To: Apply a small amount on your palm or directly onto your face, and use either fingertips or a brush to blend. Make sure you blend into crevices (like your nasal creases) to remove any excess colour.

tata harper invisibra

5. Tata Harper Volumising Lip and Cheek Tint

Ever want those rosy snow-kissed winter cheeks all year round? Us too. Tata Harper’s Lip and Cheek Tint can be built-up on the face, allowing for you to control how dark the pigment is. With natural, non-toxic ingredients, this is a breath of fresh air for your skin. This product also works with your natural blush and lip colour, making it a beautifully natural addition to your makeup routine.

How-To: Take a small amount of the tint onto your fingertips and blend in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks. For lips, apply a mall amount to their centre and blend outwards. Repeat this process to build up the colour.

Pair With Our…

It’s not just makeup that gets to have all the naked fun; our beautiful array of barely-there pieces pair spectacularly with your new fresh face. Daytime, nighttime, lounge or party, these nude pieces give you the freedom to wear what you want; making you feel like a natural woman.