What bra to wear with backless dress

So you have found the dreamiest dress for the party of the year. But there is one problem. It’s a backless dress. You obviously don’t want to rock up in your everyday bra, for the straps to ruin your outfit. So now you think ‘What bra to wear with backless dress?’ Well not to fear girl because we have got you and your boobs covered. Forget the nip slip, forget hideous bras straps on show and let us tell you how to go backless in style.

We have been told by our babes that InvisiBra is the best backless bra if you’re planning to wear a backless dress. Some of them even say they like to wear them everyday so they can be free from straps. So you can skip that feeling of getting home and immediately ripping off your bra to a sigh of relief.  Whether you want to sparkle in a backless sequin top or need the perfect backless bra for you wedding day, InvisiBra gives you just what you need to feel confident all night long.

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So lets talk about boobs. Not all boobs come in the same shape and size. Some are small, some are big and some have a mind of their own. Here are our top bras for you to nail that backless dress look immediately no matter your bra size or shape.

Strapless bra for backless dress that gives them a lift

The natural look may just be what you are looking for. Plus a little lift wouldn’t hurt either. Then our lifting backless and strapless bras are super light weight and only have a slight padding to give your boobs the support they need. You stick them directly on, just make sure you don’t have any cream on or they wont stick!

If you need an extra boost then our ‘Lift It’  bra is the one for you!

White backless lace strapless bra

Strapless bra for backless dress that gives you a boost

If you are blessed with an A or B cup size but want that extra little lift to push your boobs up a little, then our backless push up bras have the padding they are looking for. An extra boost will create a fuller and rounder shape. So grab a ‘boost it bra’, stick on the adhesive cups, slip on that backless dress and dance the night away. Just remember to take it off when you jump into bed because you might just forget its even there.

Boost those babies  with one of our ‘boost it’ backless bras.

pink lace backless and strapless bra

Plunging Bra to wear with backless dress

A strapless bra for backless dress thats got a plunge so deep you can rock the sexiest of dresses. The plunge bra is made of fabric and not silicone so they are super lightweight. Featuring sticky wings to keep it put all day or all night long. Can you hear the dance floor calling?

If your backless dress features a deep plunge then girl we still have you sorted with our U backless bras.

backless deep plunge nude bra


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P.s. if you know you want to rock a backless dress this season and have already sorted the perfect bra then check out our favourite backless looks here.