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Feel Extra Confident In Our Bridal Underwear Sets

Congrats! You're getting married! Bet you've got your eyes on The Dress and now you're wondering, what do I wear with it? Every bride thinks long and hard about which dress to get, but lingerie options are often an after thought. But if you think about it, knowing what bridal underwear sets are out there and what they can do for you, might persuade you to choose a more daring dress for your big day.

To truly dazzle, you need to feel confident and comfortable in your dress. What you don't want, is feeling self conscious. InvisiBra is a backless strapless bra that offers you lift, support, shape and boost (should you want it). We use the best adhesive to ensure our stick on bras stay on securely on you, even when you dance and sweat. What's more, you can reuse it again and again, just rinse under tap water and air dry. Store in our storage case and take it with you on your honey moon.

Our bridal underwear sets come in a range of plain nudes to exquisite lace to suit your tastes and dress. Whether you're a dreamy romantic or unapologetically practical, there's an InvisiBra for you!

bridal underwear in white lace

Wore this for my wedding day and it stayed put all day even in the middle of August! Highly recommended

Bought for my wedding day and cannot recommend enough. Stayed in place all day even through dancing the night away. I've bought cheaper stick on bras in the past and they have never worked for a full day and night but this one really was incredible. I will only use invisibra in the future they are amazing and worth the extra money!

OMG, I cannot believe something so small actually works wonders! Bought for my wedding, will feel confident on the day!

What a revelation! i have used stick on 'chicken fillet' type bras in the past and your products are the best ever. Extremely adhesive. I purchased the nude lace covered option for my very low V neck wedding dress with illusion back, as I wanted to create some cleavage! Wow, is all I can say! Well done for making such great solutions that are great value for money, with helpful guides on your website.

Absolutely beautiful and perfect for wearing under my wedding dress

I found the wedding dress of my dreams but it was backless - I don't feel comfortable in strapless bras let alone stick on ones, but i found Invisibra and gave it a go AMAZING!!!! Website was really helpful to guide you to the correct type/fit, easy to put on, works(!) and stayed put all day. I have bought another backless top to give Invisibra another trip out 🙂

Great item for my wedding dress and shall be worn on many more occasions

I wore it on my wedding day and it stayed exactly in place from early morning til after midnight, it felt very secure and the stickiness was brilliant! Dancing, moving, heat and it still lasted. The lace effect made it look attractive also. I am a A and I ordered the extra padding/push up- certainly worth it for smaller boobs.

bridal underwear sets for romantic brides

Bridal Underwear Sets For The Uncompromising Bride

If you're a lingerie lover and love all things lace, then you'll be impressed by our range of bridal underwear sets in lace. InvisiBra started as an antidote to all the plain stick on bras on the market. Who says functional underwear has to be nude? These matching bridal sets will not only look beautiful on your wedding day, but would look amazing with summer dresses.

Bold & Feminine

This pretty backless bra is covered with layer upon layer of petals. The matching french undies over a flattering and comfortable fit.

Modern & Elegant

The intricate lace on this bra is subtle and flat, making it a good choice if you're wearing something thinner but still want a lace bra.

Fairy Tale Princess

For the die hard romantic, this beautiful and classic backless bra is sure to make your lover's heart swoon.

bridal underwear set for minimalists

Plain & Simple Does The Trick

If you're wearing a gown with a thin material such as silk or crepe, then a plain backless bra will give you seamless support. Choose from nude silicone, fabric covered silicone and plunge in fabric. The beauty of a plain stick on bra is that it does go with everything. So if you've got a closet full of outfits that need a strapless or backless bra, then you'd love the versatility a nude bra offers.

Plain Silicone

The O.G. may be the most basic of our styles, but you can't beat the versatility it offers. It's colour and smooth surface means you can wear it with anything.

Matte & Smooth

This is an upgraded version of The O.G., with a nude material covering the silicone to give it a matte finish. Ideal if you want to eliminate the shine of silicone showing through.

Take A Plunge

If you've got a plunge neckline, you'll need a plunge bra to give your boobs lift and shape. These are made with fabric so they are ultra lightweight.


Boost Your Cup Size With A Backless Push Up Bra

Looking to up your wow factor? These bridal underwear sets offer you a backless push up bra and matching undies. All our push up bras are extra padded to give you a rounder, fuller shape. Available for sizes A to C only.

Nude Perfection

The style that has it all. Versatile, boosting and lace! The lace is fine and flat, making it a good option to wear with thinner materials.

Push It Real Good

Get some help to create a bigger impact with your boobs. Nude and smooth cups give you the freedom to wear whatever you want.

A Pretty Good Boost

For the bride who wants it all. Featuring a romantic lace, padded cups and pretty matching undies, this bestselling style won't disappoint.

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Size Matters

Getting the right size in InvisiBra is important because a stick on bra that's too big will end up drowning your boobs instead of giving it that lifted, rounded shape. There are 2 routes to get to your InvisiBra size. The most trustworthy way, is to actually measure yourself. 80% of women don't know their true bra size and have been buying the wrong size bra. Don't be one of them. Measuring only takes a few minutes, follow our steps on how to measure bra size.

If you've been recently measured, then you can simply convert your bra size to InvisiBra size. At each product, there's a link to "size guide" below "add to cart". Use the convert bra size calculator to get your accurate InvisiBra size.

We know sizing can be tricky, so we accept returns, as long as the bra isn't stuck onto your skin directly. All our stick on bras come with plastic film that protects the sticky surface so you can put it against your boobs to check for size.

Getting InvisiBra On Right

The key to looking amazing in your bridal underwear set, is to follow our how to wear instructions. If this is your first backless bra, you may want to practise a few times in front of the mirror before the big day, so as to get familiar with the bra. You know what they say, "Practice makes Perfect!".


1. Skin Prep

Your skin needs to be totally clean and dry for the bra to stick. If there's even a hint of creams or lotions or moisture, the bra could slide. We recommend taking a shower before using InvisiBra.


2. Go Vertical

The straighter the cups are, the more lift you'll get. The temptation is to put the cups on like a normal bra (horizontal), but the result of that is the bra will just sit on your boobs and do nothing for you shape wise.

how-to-wear-invisibra-5 copy

3. Slide and Snap

To connect the 2 cups together, slide the right clip into the left at a right angle. You'll hear a click when the clips snap into place and you've got a secure hold.

To unhook, unsnap the clip and slide the right clip upwards.

how to wear the best backless bra

4. Amp Up The Cleavage

To get more cleavage, simple position the cups further away from each other. The more distance between them, the more cleavage you'll get.

Practice a few times to get it right!

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