Bridesmaid Dresses

If you haven’t read my earlier posts, I recently got engaged and am planning for my wedding next year. Having chosen my wedding dress, the next thing on my list was bridesmaids’ dresses. Traditionally, bridesmaids all wear the same style of dress, a practice I find out of date and unfair. If all your bridesmaids are of similar body shape and height, then putting them all in the same dress would be acceptable, even if it’s a bit boring. Most of the time, however, bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, which makes dressing them tricky. There is no “one style suits all” in women’s fashion, so there will always be one or two bridesmaids that get short-changed and look like fashion faux pas.

If you’ve asked someone to be your bridesmaid, chances are they’re one of your best friends. Even if it is Your “Special Day” and your friends are willing to be graceful about it, why would you want your friend to look dreadful or feel uncomfortable for a whole day? The solution is to let them wear different styles that flatter their body shapes. If you want some sort of coherence, then stick to one colour or a common feature. For example, for my bridesmaids, they will all be wearing gowns that feature a low cut back or cut out backs. So that they look coherent, all the gowns will be floor length, and to jazz things up, the gowns will be in a range of complimentary blues.

Why Backless Bridesmaid Dresses

I chose the backless design for my bridesmaids because I love how attractive and elegant it looks. All my bridesmaids are my best friends and I want them to look as amazing as possible. Compared with the generic strapless bridesmaid dress, the backless dress has so much more character. In fact, backless designs for bridesmaids’ dresses are increasingly popular precisely because it’s different. Perhaps the invention of the backless strapless bra has also driven the trend.

Before backless bras were invented, women shied away from backless dresses for fear of sagging boobs and nip slips. Even after the backless bra was invented about 10 years ago, a woman looking for a bra for backless dresses would have found the designs on the market dismal, finding not lingerie but “chicken fillets” that were unattractive that did very little lifting or supporting. Often, these backless bras were one use only and at times, didn’t even stay on during its first use.

The modern day backless strapless bra is so good that it’s reusable (ours for 100 times) and looks like lingerie. Some ask why something functional as a backless bra would need to look good. To that I say, it doesn’t matter that no one else sees the bra, if I’m wearing the bra, I see the bra and that’s enough reason for me to opt for something attractive rather than repulsive. Next time you’re searching for an elegant bra for backless dresses, look no further than InvisiBra!