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    As women, we haven’t been able to talk about the most common boob shapes and our bodies very much in the past. Historically, not only was it taboo to talk about our bodies – its complexities like hormones, menstruations, our changing bodies from ageing and pregnancy. But also the obvious fact that up until recently, […]

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  • Who runs the world? Not girls. Yet.

    Who runs the world? Not girls. Yet.

      We can all learn a lot from Beyoncé (obviously). Not just how to be an absolute qween, but Beyoncé’s songs exist in a blissful bubble of female empowerment. No other singer has promoted equality more. With Women’s Equality Day being celebrated in the US right now. It has made us ponder what it is […]

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  • How To Get Fuller Boobs, The Natural Way

    How To Get Fuller Boobs, The Natural Way

    How to get fuller boobs, the natural way. There was always that one girl at school wasn’t there? The girl who developed early. You’d look down at your barely there boobs and reach for the chicken fillets, using any objects you could find to lift and boost yourself. It’s a movie cliché isn’t it, the […]

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    As we’re approaching the end of November, it means winter will be here before we know it. Long gone are the days of glowing tan and dewy skin, here comes flaky skin and dry hair. Here are all the things we’re doing to brace ourselves for that inevitable first frost. Face 1) Add a moisture […]

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  • 3 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Glowing In The Winter Months

    Yay! We love this time of year! Gingerbread lattes, faux fur, minced pies and mulled wine – all of our favourite things! Of course, we could do without the sleet and bitter winds messing up our hair and makeup, but with these amazing skin tips we’ve discovered, we’ll be able to ensure our skin doesn’t […]

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  • Top Foods To Eat Post-Workout

    We might well now be starting to layer up for the winter, but that’s no reason to get lazy when it comes to our workout regime! Just think of all those gorgeous outfits you need to look in tip top shape for… So if you’re going to go full steam ahead, let’s make sure it’s […]

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  • How To Get That Glow

    Glowy healthy skin that’s supple, smooth and plump is the holy grail in beauty. Your skin is your canvas: the more perfect your skin, the less makeup you need to look good. If you have blemishes, then makeup is more about hiding flaws then highlighting your features. And who doesn’t like to have a healthy […]

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  • No, we’re not doing another detox or cleanse, EVER

    Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE juicing. But we don’t believe in using juice as meal replacements for the proposes of a cleanse. Holiday season is over, and we’ve all over indulged a bit on the mince pies and mulled wine. But the way to get rid of that holiday weight is by eating right […]

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  • How to minimise the impact of a heavy night

    How to minimise the impact of a heavy night

    November and December are one of the happiest times of the year. The lead up to Christmas is always filled with joy and laughter, even if most of it is alcohol induced, we always have a jolly good time. This is also when I get nostalgic of my youth, because that happy feeling from draining […]

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