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    As women, we haven’t been able to talk about the most common boob shapes and our bodies very much in the past. Historically, not only was it taboo to talk about our bodies – its complexities like hormones, menstruations, our changing bodies from ageing and pregnancy. But also the obvious fact that up until recently, […]

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  • Does The Keto Diet Work?

    Does The Keto Diet Work?

    The common knowledge is carbs are bad right? When people want to lose a few, they’d cut the carbs. So when the keto diet came around, it solidified their opinion on carbs. And it was a free pass for people to indulge in high fat foods like butter, cheese, eggs and meat. Is it surprising […]

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  • Breast Implant Illness

    Breast Implant Illness

    Here at InvisiBra, we talk about boobs all day long. Thanks to social media, one topic that’s been coming up over and over again is Breast Implant Illness (BII). Women are coming out more than ever to say Breast Implant Illness is real and what symptoms they’re experiencing from it. Though there are no tests […]

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  • What’s In Your Sunscreen

    Every summer we’re reminded to protect our skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen. Especially as women, we’re told to wear sunscreen all year round to prevent age spots and wrinkles. But what if the sunscreen you’re wearing is doing more harm than good? Have you ever wondered how sunscreens actually work and what ingredients […]

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