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  • A New Year Revamp 2018

    A New Year Revamp 2018

    Every new year, we look forward to pressing that reset button. New Year = fresh start. This means taking the time to recalibrate our life, our prioritise and our intentions for the year. It is a great time to try new workouts to switch things up, or add in superfoods/adaptogens to elevate your health and […]

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  • 5 Bridesmaid Ideas that Will Make Your Best Friends Happy

    5 Bridesmaid Ideas that Will Make Your Best Friends Happy

    So you’ve picked your dream dress and venue, now you’ve got to think about the bridesmaid dresses. Here at InvisiBra, we’d want our bridesmaids to look as good as the bride, so non of that ‘make the bridesmaids look bad’ nonsense.. We’ve picked 5 ideas that will ensure that everyone looks and feels their best, […]

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  • The October Edit

    The October Edit

    1) Fiorucci is back We’re so excited that Fiorucci is back! Elio Fiorucci was one of the pioneers of concept stores and this cult brand was bold, fun & fierce. It embodied creativity, pop culture, art & disco. Bright colours, lycra, and those iconic angels. The London store has a martini bar and a bed […]

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  • Our Favourite Shoes This Season

    Our Favourite Shoes This Season

    Since Summer is coming up, sandal season is fast approaching. Since sandals are infamous to cause blisters, after living in comfy shoes for the past few months, we’ve got to be prepared. There are a few pointers to take note when choosing shoes for this season. Firstly, it turns out completely flat sandals can put […]

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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Heels More Comfortable

    We love beautiful shoes, but we don’t love how most of them feel after about an hour.. often wishing we had a pair of flats to change into. I often wonder why there aren’t better technologies to make heels more comfortable? While we wait for the day when they will feel as comfortable as flats, […]

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  • Our Top Beauty Tips

    Our Top Beauty Tips

    We believe there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman feeling confident in her skin. And our skin can make a huge impact on our confidence. When it’s clear & glowing, we feel infinitely better about ourselves. There’s more spring to our step & we’re more sure of ourselves. We love make up too but we […]

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  • How to look stylish on the go

    How to look stylish on the go

    Whether we’re travelling for work or play, we like to pack light. Packing light is an art form, over time you get really good at stripping down to the basics and essentials. You’ll feel so much better when you don’t have a million things in your suitcase and having too many choices. But most importantly, […]

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  • How to get the perfect work/life balance

    How to get the perfect work/life balance

    Have you ever felt like your work is just taking over and your social life is slowly disappearing? We’ve all been there! Working out this balance between work and the rest of your life is incredibly important, and when you let your work completely dominate, it can have a negative impact on your relationships, your […]

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  • 5 Ways To Wake Up Happier

    5 Ways To Wake Up Happier

    Stressful day? Feeling exhausted, fed up and just generally unhappy? Before you go quitting your job or falling out with your friends, there are a few small things you could try first. We’d really recommend giving the below five things a go and seeing if you wake up at least a little happier than you […]

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