Clear Back Bras for Getting Gorgeous Red Carpet Looks

Award season has started! What celebrities wear to red carpet events, such as the Golden Globes and Oscars, often make headlines—the hits and the misses all make for entertaining viewing. Some go for the classic Hollywood glamour look with long trains, big skirts or dazzling sequins. Others go for the sex appeal– high thigh slits, cleavage baring and bare backs.

Secret Weapon for the perfect Red Carpet look

The one thing that all these women have in common is that they are all wearing supportive underwear to maximise their look. Stylists know that stray bra straps or unseemly panty lines can ruin an otherwise polished look. So what kind of underwear do they wear? Most of them will be wearing figure-huggers, tight shorts that hold your tummy in and also giving you a pert derriere and a clear back bra such as InvisiBra for strapless support.

Owning a bra for backless dress allows you to wear the jaw dropping gorgeous dresses that celebs favour for the red carpet. Clear back bras have been the best-kept secret of Hollywood A-listers for quite a while, but it’s going mainstream now.  Thinking back to the time when bras for backless dresses didn’t exist and women went au natural. Unfortunately, for most of us, our breasts need lifting and support; no one wants deflated or sagging breasts, especially for those of us who’ve had children.

InvisiBra – A Staple in every closet

So if you were to go backless you’ll also need a backless bra. The best thing about a clear back bra isn’t just that it acts as a strapless bra, but that it is also comfortable to wear. Clear back bras are made of skin friendly silicon, soft to touch and easily peels off, leaving no residue on the skin. No more unseemly back rolls ruining the back view either! Bras for backless dresses have come a long way in terms of design.

Backless bras used to be basic ie nude silicon, but now InvisiBra offers lace and colourful fabric designs, functional underwear can be sexy and beautiful. Try the backless look next time and let InvisiBra give you the confidence to rock your fashion choices.