How to look stylish on the go

Whether we’re travelling for work or play, we like to pack light. Packing light is an art form, over time you get really good at stripping down to the basics and essentials. You’ll feel so much better when you don’t have a million things in your suitcase and having too many choices. But most importantly, more room for shopping, right? Here are some of our essentials for travelling light while still looking stylish.

the chamisole
the invisibra
the heels
statement piece

Other Tips

You could also bring clothes that can be rolled or folded without needing ironing or steaming like: ribbed knit tops and suede skirts. Accessories can be one of the easiest ways to jazz up a simple outfit. You also don’t need to bring a million bras, InvisiBra is lightweight and versatile, it’s great for every outfit. All you’d have to do is run it under water every night and air dry. Made with the best glue on the market, it’s so sticky, it will not come off until you take it off. It’s perfect for any outfit, you don’t have to worry about bra straps and you’ll be able to wear anything you want.

Always try to pack light to make travelling easier. Stick to pieces that really embody your personal style and most importantly that you feel comfortable and confident in.

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