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Frequently Asked Questions

How does invisibra work?

InvisiBra is backless stick on bra, with a layer of adhesive on the cups. You stick the cups onto your skin one at a time, clip the cups together and "Voila" you've got lift and support.

What is invisibra made of?

InvisiBra is a modern bra made with sophisticated materials and technology.

The cups are made with silicone. It is a soft and malleable material that's perfect for making bra cups. The cups mould to your breast, giving you a natural shape.

Silicone is heat resistant, with low chemical reactivity and toxicity. Silicone is in many everyday products such as cookware, baby pacifiers and contact lenses. It is a popular ingredient in skincare and hair conditioners. It is also the key ingredient in breast implants.

It is a rubber, not plastic and is biodegradable.

Our adhesive is a secret formulation that contains silica gel. It is skin friendly, but powerful. Applied to a clean dry chest, the ingenious adhesive creates an air tight seal with the skin. This guarantees that the cups stay on from morning to night, until taken off.

When removing, the cups peel off with ease, leaving no residue. In case you wondered, it also doesn't hurt.

Our products do not contain any latex.

Will it stay on if I sweat?

Yes. We know because we have tested the product in different scenarios. Whether it's dancing, walking down the aisle or globetrotting to exotic places. InvisiBra stays on until taken off.

The only caveat is that you must apply the cups to a clean dry chest. No creams, lotions, oils, self tanners, aftersun etc. That stuff is the stuff of nightmares for InvisiBra. Your bra will slip and slide if you don't apply it to a clean dry chest. So hold off on the bronzing lotion until after you've applied the cups.

How do I wear invisibra?

You should apply each cup, one at a time. The natural instinct is to apply the cups on horizontal, across your chest. This is incorrect as you end up with cups sitting on your breasts, without giving any lift or shape. Position the cups with the clips facing down, towards the floor, for the most lift and support. A few practices in front of the mirror and you’ll be able to do it blindfolded in no time.

Can I get a cleavage wearing invisibra?

Yes! The key lies in how you position the cups. The more vertical and further away the cups are from each other, the more cleavage you will get.

How much coverage do I get from invisibra?

If you're wearing InvisiBra underneath clothing, why worry about coverage? What's important is that InvisiBra prevents nip slips, headlights and gives adequate support.

InvisiBra works best when it gives you just the right amount of coverage. Cups that are too big will give you plenty of coverage, but no shape, lift or support.

Don't expect the same coverage as a normal bra. InvisiBra is a backless bra, made of 2 cups that should cover the majority of your breasts. There is no back or side panels or straps to InvisiBra, so the coverage area is smaller than a normal bra. How much coverage you get from InvisiBra depends on 1) the size of your breasts 2) and the size you pick.

Solution: Get measured. Find out what your true bra size is using our measuring guide. If you think you're a 34B when in fact you're a 32D, this will affect the bra size you should wear.

What size should I get?

Without the need to hook straps at the back, sizing for backless bras is a lot more flexible than normal bras. For InvisiBra to work its magic, smaller is better than bigger. The smaller the cup the lighter it is, meaning more lift, more boost and more support.

Get measured:

95% of woman are wearing the wrong size bra. If you're worried about sizing, measure yourself according to our bra sizing guide. We have also created a bra size calculator. All you need is a minute to get 5 measurements. Input your measurements and find out your true bra size and suggested invisibra size.

How many hours can I wear invisibra?

Our tests and surveys from customers show that InvisiBra stays on till taken off. There is no limit to the hours you can wear it. You can wear it all day and night, with no worry that it will let you down.

How many times can I wear invisibra?

This will depend on 1) how well you take care of your InvisiBra 2) how oily your skin is. If you wash it after each use and cover the adhesive between uses, you should get around 100 uses. If you have oily skin, this will reduce the number of uses to about 50.a

How do I wash invisibra?

Cleaning InvisiBra is easy. Rinse the cups, after each use, under tap water. You may use mild soap, but this is not necessary. Let the cups air dry. Usually, the cups dry completely overnight, ready for use again.

What's the difference between push up and non push up styles?

The difference between normal and push up cups is the padding of the cups. Normal cups are about 1 cm thick. Push up cups are 3-5 cm thick, depending on style. Whether you pick normal or push up cups will depend on the look you're after. Normal cups are lighter, so they give more lift. The padding on push up cups gives your breasts more volume, boosting your cup size by at least 1 cup size. But they are also heavier, so not a good choice for anyone who is looking for a lot of lift.

Will the lace show through?

Our lace is flat and subtle, so will not show through most clothing. The exceptions are tops that are white/ivory/cream coloured in sheer materials (chiffon, organza etc).

Will invisibra work for bigger busts?

Yes. InvisiBra works for a wide range of sizes. The upper limit for each band size is: 28 G, 30 FF, 32 F, 34 E, 36 D, 38C. For more information, click here.

What's your returns policy?

Bras: You can return full priced items as long as you have not peeled off the plastic film covering the bra cups. All purchases of sale items are final and not eligible for return.

Underwear: You may return this as long as the tag is intact.

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Do you ship overseas?

We ship worldwide. For a complete list of countries we ship to, please visit

When can I expect delivery?

UK Orders:

Cut off for orders is 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Economy orders are sent with Royal Mail second class. You can expect delivery in 3-5 working days. Next day orders are sent with DHL. If you order after 4 pm on Friday, your order will be sent out on Monday.

International orders:

Please check for the estimated transit time for your country.

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