InvisiBra, The Fashion Investment

How many times have you eyed an outfit and thought “If only…” Maybe the price tag is way over your budget or they haven’t got it in your size, then that’s too bad and we say “That sucks! But hey, no biggie! NEXT!” But if what’s stopping you from wearing your dream outfit is down to not having the right underwear, then InvisiBra’s got you covered, literally. InvisiBra is the Fashion Investment you need to have the freedom to wear anything you want!

InvisiBra is as much about the summer as it is for evenings out and the party season. Even though InvisiBra is a Backless Bra, it’s usage isn’t limited to backless dresses and tops. In fact, InvisiBra is super versatile and you can wear it with anything! Wear it with slip dresses for a strap free, clean and sleek look. Those cute off the shoulder tops that have taken over the runways this season and InvisiBra are a match made in heaven. Instead of wearing an uncomfortable strapless bra that’s going to end up around your waist mid way through your date, InvisiBra will stay in place all day & night, giving you the support you need. Sheer tops look a gazillion times better when you’re showing more skin than bra. You could even wear InvisiBra under your favourite bikini to give you a bit more lift and support. Anything is possible.

But you know what, it’s not all about aesthetics. InvisiBra is so comfortable to wear, you might start wearing it as your daily bra. I know I do, and I’ve never looked back since. Also, InvisiBra is reusable, up to 100 times if you take good care of it. That’s 100 outfits, 100 opportunities to make a fashion statement. Now that’s a wise Fashion Investment.

InvisiBra isn’t just a bra, InvisiBra is an investment.

Imagine all the wonderful fashion choices you can make with InvisiBra part of your styling arsenal.

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