Our fav fashion accounts on Instagram

Hands up who follows more beauty bloggers, celebs, interior designers and fashionistas than friends on Instagram? Don’t worry, us too! How else would we know how to perfect winged eyeliner, who Alexa Chung is hanging out with, how to decorate our living rooms and what we should be wearing this weekend? They might not follow you back, but they teach you everything you need to know, that’s why we’ve put together a list of our fav fashion Instagram accounts for you to enjoy!


She’s a digital strategist and creative director from Australia who launched her first successful companies at just 20 – if that’s not enough of a reason to follow Nicole Warne (talk about #inspo) then perhaps her incredible sense of fashion and the fact she’s starred on Vogue Australia’s cover will persuade you! Don’t get jealous now – she travels a lot too. Ergh.


Sarah’s Instagram grid is impossibly cool. She manages to create an awesome aspirational look, yet remain totally down to earth about it all. Most of the time she’s just wearing trainers and t-shirts, but we of course still want those trainers and those t-shirts! She also manages to find the trendiest cafes in town when she’s out and about.


Currently in LA, she’s a stylist and fashion editor from Paris who can pull off anything from bright coloured crops to pretty modest tea dresses. It helps she has a beautiful tan, and find excellent backdrops as she travels from one awesome city to another! If you’re ever in need of outfit inspiration, she should be your go-to gal.


Jennifer Grace is like your rebellious mate who turns up out of the blue on a night out having just caught a last minute flight home from somewhere exotic. If you want to nail sexy-meets-casual then Jen’s your girl. Blue jeans, slogan tee & red lips – easy.


Gizele is a model from Brazil, so brace yourselves, when she pops up in your feed you will find yourself sighing with sadness a little bit. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she’s got an awesome sense of style and manages to pull off the ‘I just threw something on’ look with ease. Nope, we’re not jealous at all.

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