Our Favourite Wedding Hairstyles

We know it can be incredibly confusing when there’s so many Wedding Hairstyles to choose from. Do we want to look polished with our hair up? Or more relaxed and ethereal with our hair down, flowers in and flowy? You have to consider what kind of theme your wedding is going to be, what kind of dress you’re going to wear, your personality & preference. Take a look at our Wedding Hairstyles board here to get more inspiration.

The truth is the hairstyle you choose to wear on your big day is just as important as your dress. With a beautiful backless, off shoulder or halter neck wedding dress, putting your hair up can really make your dress shine.

And you know we’ve got you covered in the lingerie department! We believe your undergarment is a crucial supporting act on your big day. With a backless strapless InvisiBra, we can assure you that you’ll be confident all day long. By wearing InvisiBra, you don’t have to worry about straps or strapless bras that are so tight you feel uncomfortable all day/night long. InvisiBra will support you and give you the freedom to move and dance around all day/night long (With our cutting edge glue you can be rest assured it will stay on all day and night until you take it off.) Because we know how important it is to feel your best on your big day.

Which Wedding Hairstyle?

When we have a dress we want to show off, we love the up-do look. Not only does it show off your gorgeous neck, shoulders, and back but it can make you look more put together, at the same time you can also have fun with it and put flowers in, or other adornments in. Check out here.

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