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Fit Guide

InvisiBra fits a wide range of sizes, so don't be fooled to think that it won't work for you if you've got big boobs. It's less about size, more about elasticity. The firmer your boobs, the better InvisiBra will work. Know that InvisiBra is a backless bra, so you're not going to get a full coverage of your boob ok? But who cares? The reason you need an InvisiBra is because you can't wear a normal bra right? So girl, let's focus on what's important here: Shape & Support. We're different to normal bras, so we've got our own sizing. Check out the InvisiBabes below, their normal bra size and the InvisiBra size they're wearing. Generally speaking, going for a smaller size works better. Why? The lighter the cup, the more lift you'll get. To convert your bra size, use our bra size converter (below and on product pages). To be extra sure, use our measurement guide, because babe you may have no idea what your true bra size is. Remember, if you've got big boobs, InvisiBra will give you less support than for smaller sizes.



Invisibra Size: ...

Please note that our suggestion is advisory only. You should judge the appropriateness of size when you receive the product. Remember not to stick the bra on your skin until you are sure that the size you purchased is right for you as this will affect it eligibility for returns.

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