Flaunt it if you got it

According to a study of 1000 UK women, most of us believe in flaunt it if you got it. According to the women surveyed, not only does flashing your cleavage help you get served in a bar, escape parking fines, your breasts can also make lasting impressions on potential suitors and even give careers a boost. To be fair, women only believe their breasts can work wonders because of men’s obsession with them. It’s no wonder that so many go under the knife to get breast implants. For those who don’t want to go as far as plastic surgery, there’s the push up bra. Heavily padded, the push up bra is designed, as the name suggests, to push your breasts up and together, creating a fuller cleavage.


Of all the body parts a women could expose most comfortably at all ages, it’s the shoulders. That’s because it doesn’t wrinkle or sag like our breasts, derrieres and tummies. The beauty of the strapless look is, it doesn’t matter what size you are either! A size 18 can pull it off just as much as a size 6. The only barrier to bare shoulders? A strapless bra that holds. The strapless bra was designed in the 1930s but didn’t become popular until the 1950s when strapless evening gowns came into fashion.

If you wanted to show off both your cleavage and shoulders, then you would need a strapless push up bra. While the strapless bra is designed to stay in its place without the security of the shoulder straps, so it relies on being tight fitting around the ribs, the push up bra is basically padded bra cups that boost assets. The problem with a strapless push up bra is that the combination of tight elasticity around the ribs and the padded cups mean squished breasts, which is terribly uncomfortable. And to make things worse, if the strapless push up bra isn’t well fitted, you could run the chance of it ending up around your waist. The solution? Wear a backless push up bra! Our bestseller EXTRA is the best of all worlds. Backless, strapless and push up, what more can you ask for?