Our guide to rocking that summer workwear look

We wait all year for a hint of that beautiful summer sun. When it finally arrives, of course it comes out on a weekday, when we’re all at work. Sigh! The last thing you want is to be sitting at a desk or rushing around sweating in uncomfortable layers and restricting fabrics. If you’re lucky enough to work in a pretty casual work environment where you can get away with rocking up in ripped denim shorts and a cropped tee then good for you, but if your boss is likely to turn their nose up at the sight of flip­flop, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide (now *your* guide) to your summer workwear wardrobe…

Buy more midis!

Pulling on a pair of skinny jeans or trousers in the morning before work when you know it’s going to be a scorcher can be quite soul destroying, but we understand your fear of opting for a skirt instead. Are my legs smooth/tanned enough? Is this skirt too short/uncomfortable? Do I look like Bridget Jones in her non­existent skirt? That’s why midi skirts should be lining your wardrobes this summer. Long enough to allow you to get away without shaving that morning, floaty enough to keep you comfy all day.

Try tailored

You might think that wearing shorts in the workplace is a big no­no, but actually it’s simply about choosing the right pair. As a general rule of thumb, any item of clothing that is tailored is going to automatically smarten your look, so opting for a tailored pair of shorts that are a reasonable length (let’s save the bum­grazers for Glasto) ought to keep you both looking smart and staying cool this summer!

Know your knits

Pairing that brand new midi skirt you’ve just bought with a spaghetti strap top will likely make your look a little too casual for the office, so try a knitted top instead. Whilst you might hear ‘knitted’ and instantly think of winter nights with cups of tea, there are actually plenty of sleeveless, light, knitted tops that are airy and smart enough to wear with your midi.

Show some skin

Don’t be afraid to show some skin this summer. Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you need to cover up every inch! We’d advise to avoid showing your midriff, going backless (well, not totally!), and anything that goes too far above the knee or too far below your neckline! Follow those guidelines are you should be A­ok!

Be shoe­savvy

OK, so flip­flops are a definite no, unless you happen to work on a beach. What else? If you work in a relatively formal work environment, we’d suggest avoiding open­toed sandals, instead, why not opt for a sling­back? Sling­back shoes can help to keep your feet cool, they’re comfy, summery and most importantly, they can still be smart!

We’d love to hear your summer workwear tips! Give us a tweet or share your look with us on Instagram #bareisback!

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