We love halter-neck wedding dresses, not only does it show skin in an unexpected way by highlighting your collarbone and shoulders, but the conservative neckline also allows you to get adventurous with a low-cut back, all the while maintaining a sophisticated look.

With halter-neck dresses, especially with a low-cut back, you can’t go without a strapless backless stick on bra like InvisiBra. If you’ve been blessed with really perky breasts, then maybe you don’t need much lift. But everyone needs support. We even have a method to ensure you get the most lift (apply the cups on the vertical, not horizontal, more on that here). What sets InvisiBra apart from the generic backless bra is our dermatologically tested medical grade silicon and cutting edge adhesive, which is not only skin friendly but proven to give you a secure hold, even when you dance & sweat. If you’ve put in all that effort to look amazing, don’t settle for a second rate bra. Check out some of our favourite halter-neck wedding dresses from this season.

Our Top Picks for Halter-Neck Wedding Dresses



Grace Loves Lace


Lihi Hod

lihi hod halter

Santos Costura


Francesca Miranda


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