How to get ready for Prom 2020

So prom 2020 is just around the corner, you may have had everything ready months ago or perhaps you’re someone who do things last minute. Fear not, we’re here to guide you – from picking your lingerie, shoes, make up, jewellery and of course the dress. So you can spend that time getting excited for it, instead of stressing out about what to wear.

PROM 2020


First and foremost, let’s get the dress pinned down, so we can build the rest around it. Because who are we kidding? The dress is no doubt the most important part of it. Pictures are eternal after all.

stone cold fox prom invisibra

lavalia prom main pic invisibraLavalia multiway

galvan prom invisibra blog

asos prom invisibra blog


Now you’ve got your dress, it’s time to get your lingerie sorted out. And of course there is nothing better than a completely backless strapless bra that is not only functional but incredibly beautiful too. Cue the InvisiBra. InvisiBra is the backless bra to have in your wardrobe, not only is it perfect for prom 2018 but also for all your coming Spring and Summer outfits. We carry both plain (we’re the only brand that caters for 3 different shades of nude) and lace styles and you get to choose from a myriad of colours. Due to its versatility and comfort, it can be worn with most prom 2018 dresses and outfits, unless you’re going for the plunge look, which in this case we do have a plunge style you could wear. Our InvisiBra is wearable for up to 100 times, all you have to do is wash after every use, air dry and keep it dust free, covered.

pink anabella backless strapless invisibra set on model knickers that are in the french brief style by invisibra

azalea invisibra is a black floral lace bra that is strapless and backless an adhesive bra that can be worn up to 100 times here shown as a set with matching french briefs on a model by invisibra


There is no doubt YCL is one of our favourite Jewellery brands out there. Her range is stunning and timeless. It is designed in alignment with the energy centres of the body AKA your chakras. Every piece is perfect for layering or stand alone. There’s an understated elegance to them so it won’t take the attention away from you or your dress. You can’t go wrong with any of her pieces for prom 2018.

YCL Jewels prom invisibra



Now on to Make Up. We love Glossier (who doesn’t?). Have you seen their new range Lidstar? We think they are perfect for Prom. Basically get the whole range of their products, you won’t regret it!


Finally, the shoes! Which is arguably our favourite section other than lingerie of course. The ones we’ve chosen are more towards the comfy side, because we don’t want you to be just standing around or sitting in pain while everybody else is having a great time! This means no super high heels and pointy ones.


  1. MiuMiu
  2. Topshop
  3. Chloe
  4. ASOS

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