How to look and feel good in anything

Nowadays there’s no doubt we’re seeing a wider range of body types in the media, but the majority of it still dictates a certain type to be ideal. And sometimes we can’t help but feel a ping of self-awareness, that we aren’t exactly the supermodel we see on a daily basis. But here at InvisiBra we’re all about celebrating all shapes and sizes. We think as women, we are born vibrant and we should be able to wear whatever we’d like, be it backless dress or off-shoulder tops, these things should not be reserved for the selected few. Here we’ve gathered some tips for you to help you look and feel good in anything.

Body Image

Most of us have experienced the dreaded shopping trip with those unforgiving lighting. We look in the mirror and pick out parts of us we dislike, squeezing bits here and there. It can really bring us down, this is especially true when we equate our worth with our looks. But the thing is just because at that very moment, you feel bad about yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to have a bad day.

Having a healthy body image is not about feeling amazing in your body 24/7. It’s about being able to bounce back when you don’t and not let it ruin your day. Here are a few tips to help you to look and feel good in anything. Because after all, it’s all a mind-set. A decision we make at every moment – that our body is stellar and we look good in everything we wear, because we decide we do. Having the confidence to wear that backless dress or that off-shoulder top that shows off your shoulders and back shouldn’t be reserved for the few.


1) Comparison is the thief of joy

We are all born with our own unique bodies. We are a combination of our mother and father, this means we’re not cookie cutters of what a woman should look like. We all come in our own size and shape. That’s why comparison is the thief of joy. When we compare ourselves to others, this means we think we’re lacking. We want what others have because we’re unhappy with what we have. But you have to remember even the person you’re comparing yourself to, have their own insecurities too. If people on social media trigger you, maybe it would be wise to unfollow these people. Focus on you, and how you feel. What can you do to be healthier and feel better in your skin. This could mean doing more self-love activities.

2) You are more than your body (parts)

I know we can all relate, we’ve all picked our selves apart, and wished we have smaller – or bigger -. We believe if our bodies are perfect, we’d be happier, this is a sign that we equate our worth with our looks. Think about other aspects of yourself that you value/love about yourself. Is it that you’re funny/a great listener/kind/smart. We should celebrate aspects of ourselves that aren’t all about our looks. How we look is a fleeting thing, we’ll all grow old, so why waste your time judging yourself and wish you had a different body. Appreciate your body for what it is and treat it well.

3) Don’t be so hard on yourself & be kind

So we’ve made a commitment to work out/eat healthier. If you miss a day or 2 of exercise, don’t punish and be mean to yourself. Leading a healthy life is a process/journey, we’re all just human after all.  Be kind to yourself. They say we are our own worst enemy, the things we say to ourselves are things we would never dare say to our best friends, so why say it to yourself? We’ve got to recognise how destructive negative self talk is and turn it around. Be grateful for everything in your life and what you think about yourself will change.

4) Don’t be attached to a number/size

We are more than the size we wear or how much we weigh. Don’t get attached to the size you think you’re meant to be and buy things that fit you and actually make you feel good. Get to know your body and find the things you love to show off your unique figure. Because life is too short to not have some fun.

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