How To Look Great In Less Time

Party season is almost upon us and we can hardly contain our excitement. Other than summer, christmas is definitely our favourite season. Christmas trees, mulled wine and egg nog, what’s not to like? But before the arrival of christmas, there’s the whirlwind of December. There’s always so much to do in so little time: office parties, social events and present shopping. The more you are a social butterfly, the more outfits and looks you’ll need. And we all know looking good takes time. So to help you look great in less time, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will make getting ready a breeze, which means you can spend the extra time gained sleeping off that hangover.

Spray Paint your Nails

Nails Inc is launching a new range of “Paint cans”— the world’s fastest manicure. All you need is a base coat then a spray, and within seconds, you’ve got your nails done! No more sitting around, blowing on your nails to dry!

Pre Order £10 here

Review of the Paint can in December’s Vogue

Get a Blow Dry

Nothing says Glam like a blow dry. New York has one on every corner and I’ve always wondered when the trend would pick up here. We’ve checked out a recent opening, Dry By, located a few streets down from Topshop and were delighted with the results. Not only is it conveniently situated in the heart of London, but priced at £28, it’s definitely affordable. You can choose from 5 looks: the wavy but edgy “London”, the sleek and sophisticated “New York” or my personal favourite, the bombshell “Rome”. Included in the price is a wash and head massage, so you get some me time before hitting the scene.

Wash and blow dry £28

Get Eye Lash Extensions

If you’ve got quite a few events in December and you normally spend a lot of time doing your makeup, then getting your lashes done is the ultimate time saver. I first had mine done for my wedding and I’ve been hooked since. Remember a few months back when celebrities were taking selfies of themselves waking up and you’re thinking, how do you look so good? No, it’s not (just) good genes, they’ve had their lashes done. Lashes have always been an obsession and I used to put Shu Uemura lashes on every time I had an event to go to. I became a bit of an expert putting those falsies on, but if you’re not skilled, you could end of with wonky lashes or worse still, detached lashes that make you look more Halloween than Hollywood. Having them professionally done, means that they look exactly how you want them— as thick, long and full as the Kardashians’. With your lashes already done, eye makeup can be completely omitted or just a dab of shadow for some pop. All that’s left is a bit of foundation, blush and a swipe of lipstick and Voila, you are “Done!” My go to Lash Artist is Asma from Boudoir Lashes, East London. I say artist, because her work is truly amazing and the results are gorgeous. Starts at £75

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