How to minimise the impact of a heavy night

November and December are one of the happiest times of the year. The lead up to Christmas is always filled with joy and laughter, even if most of it is alcohol induced, we always have a jolly good time. This is also when I get nostalgic of my youth, because that happy feeling from draining glasses of champagne tonight, is sure to be replaced by a crushing and demoralising hangover the next day. In my paralysed state, I close my eyes and think back to a time when I could party 3 nights in a row and still wake up fresh as a daisy. These days, I exercise damage control, which kicks in gear as early as a few days before a heavy night. These are our top tips to minimise the impact of a heavy night of tequila shots and vogueing on the dance floor.

Detox to Retox

Try to have nourishing balanced meals leading up to the night. That means lots of veg and a bit of protein and fat. Make sure to drink water and if you can stomach it, green juice and chlorella (which helps with detox) to help shield your body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

Damage control

Don’t mix your alcohol. As tempting as those jeigermeister, tequila and vodka shots seem on the night, you’ll pay for it the next day. Stick to one alcohol and you won’t feel as crap.
Drink water with your alcohol. So a glass of alcohol followed by a glass of water.
The morning after, mix lemon juice with warm water foran extra dose of Vitamin C to help ease inflammation. Try having Beets (add to a salad or a juice) to detoxify your liver.

Take the gunk off

Don’t forget to remove your make up! Getting up with mascara smeared eyes and a layer of caked foundation is gross and makes you feel extra guilty about the state you were in last night. Quickly apply a nourishing mask to hydrate your skin while you sleep to keep puffiness to a minimum!

Brush it off

Use a body brush in the morning and dry brush your skin before your shower. It will increase your blood circulation and get the toxins out quicker.


Don’t sign up for a spin or go for a run the day after a heavy night. You may think you’re being good and may load up on the smug factor, but you’re doing your body no favours. Recover fully for a day or two until you engage in any cardio. If you want to move, do some yoga or stretching instead.

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