Inside The Makeup Bag of Artist Rachel Freeman

With Makeup sometimes, less is more. Makeup brands would have us think that the more product we use, the more beautiful we’d be. There’s a time and place for smokey eyes, contouring and falsies, but day-to-day, we’d go for that fresh dewy look every time. That’s why we teamed up with Rachel on our recent summer campaign “Find Your Nude”. We focused on enhancing each model’s natural beauty rather than making them something they’re not. A bit like how InvisiBra enhances your natural curves. Before we go head first into Rachel Freeman’s makeup bag lets hear just how she has become a successful make-up artist in the fast paced fashion industry:

Inside The Makeup Bag of Make-Up Artist Rachel Freeman

My mum is an amazing painter. Growing up, she would always give us creative projects, then critique our work. At the age 8, I was given a Pre-Raphaelite book that I would study and draw my own versions of over and over. I went through school always loving art and was known as the girl who had 1000s of sketchbooks filled with ideas, drawings, colour swatches and magazine cutouts etc.

So I ended up going down the graphic design route at UAL Camberwell. Then I worked in a design studio for a fashion brand which ended up making me feel frustrated – I wasn’t working at my own pace and wanted to do my own thing. I knew I wanted to work in fashion and I knew I liked beauty and being on my feet rather than at a desk. I also realised that if I channeled the hard work and energy I was putting into my job into something of my own, something could happen!

Leap of Faith

I took a brave leap of faith and left my job, studied makeup at the amazing Glauca Rossi and within 6 months I was assisting makeup artists. It was a hard, slow and scary process. I always felt in the deep end and assisted several people which was invaluable experience. I eventually found an amazing mentor, makeup Guru Sandra Cooke, who taught me a lot and gave me experience not just in the skill but also the industry.

Rachel freeman head shot

Having assisted on the fashion week teams with prestigious designers such as Burberry, Céline, Balenciaga, Gucci, Fendi etc. My work takes me to all corners of the world, such as Hawaii, LA as well as Milan, Paris and London for the Fashion weeks. The fashion shows are always a whirlwind but really get you in the scene. You are surrounded by artists and characters. Despite the rush and stress backstage, the final outcome is always so beautiful.

My Makeup Style

Personally my makeup style has definitely evolved over the years. I’ve always enjoyed making someone look beautiful but in a sense stripped back. I prefer not to overdo a look or over glamorous. I still keep sketchbooks, I have about 10 on the go! My partner is an amazing photographer too, so most days and evenings we are researching, talking or critiquing each other.

Inside rachel freeman make up artists bag

My Makeup Bag Essentials:


Rachel Freeman – Makeup Artist.

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