Why The Best Strapless Bra Is An InvisiBra Backless Bra
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InvisiBra VS Strapless Bra

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No one loves a strapless bra

I have yet to meet a woman who can name the best strapless bra. Because it doesn’t exist. They’re uncomfortable to wear. They don’t make your assets look good, squashing rather than enhancing. The worst of all is that they don’t stay in place, ever. So why have we settled on this underwhelming piece of garment as our go-to for strapless support? Well like many things in life, you settle for what’s available. Sure, deep down you know that the chemistry isn’t there, but you’re going to continue to date mr. Not-really-my-type till mr. Absolutely-perfect comes along right? Well the good news is now you can break up with that torture trap of a strapless bra and upgrade to an invisibra.

More known as a backless bra, people forget that invisibra is also a strapless bra. A strapless bra is: “A bra without straps”. Invisibra is a “A bra without straps and back”. You can go strapless and backless with one product. How convenient (& thrifty)! So how does invisibra measure up to a strapless bra?


Wearing a strapless bra is like wearing a tight hairband around your breasts. Strapless bras always involve tight bands. Without straps, there’s no other way to make sure it stays up. Like wearing a corset, you don’t get to breathe. Every time you gasp for air, you’re reminded that you’re restricted.
Invisibra is a stick on bra. So it doesn’t rely on anything tight to hold it up. Once the cups are on, you forget that they’re there. You can breathe, have fun and feel free.
In the image below, our volunteer is wearing different brands of strapless bras. In the bottom right image, she is wearing an invisibra. The tight bands of strapless bras dig into the back, resulting in unattractive rolls. Back is smooth with an invisibra.

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The pressure from the tight band of a strapless bra affects the shape of your breast. Breasts look squashed and flat. It’s as if you’re ashamed of your curves and you’re trying to hide them. InvisiBra offers a far more natural shape. Made with silicone, the cups mould to your body, enhancing what nature gave you. In the image below, the bottom right image shows our volunteer wearing InvisiBra. Compared to the rest of the images where the volunteer is wearing different brands of strapless bras, it’s obvious that InvisiBra enhances your curves more.

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Fashion flexibility

This is an obvious point, but an important one. A strapless bra may be strapless, but it still has a back. Invisibra is strapless and backless. This means there’s a lot more fashion options you can wear with invisibra. If a design of backless top or dress is to expose your back in anyway, then it deserves to be worn that way.

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