London’s Most Instagrammable Spots for a Bite Or Drink

We are suckers for incredible decor and as our obsession with social media continues to grow so do the number of London’s Instagrammable spots. No longer are we on a look out for the best new restaurant in town, we also want the decor to be photogenic too. Because if we didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen? We’ve rounded up our top 6 most Instagrammable spots in London for a bite or drink, so you can start ticking it off your list.

1) Clerkenwell Grind

There’s something about navy, pink and gold that just makes my heart flutter. Clerkenwell Grind is the perfect brunch spot, but they also have a downstairs bar which looks amazing too. There’s a couple other Grinds around London, they all have their own personalities, so take your pick!

2) Sketch

No list of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London could leave out Sketch. I would say Sketch is the pioneer of millennial pink decor in London. We recommend going for afternoon tea and don’t forget the pink bubbles too!

3) Dandelyan

Dandelyan bar was crowned the 3rd Best Bar in the World not long ago and we’re not surprised. Last year they won the Best Cocktail Menu – their cocktails are incredibly innovative and exotic. Not only is the decor incredible but you’ve got the view of the Thames too.

4) Bronte

Open all day, whether you’re up for brunch, afternoon tea or after work drinks, Bronte is perfect place. Their serve a mix of Asian and British fare.

5) Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults is the sweetest cafe in Hackney. Hello Marble tables, gold & pastel accents, hanging potted plants, brick walls, pink bathroom and rainbow lattes! They do the best tonic lattes in town and their White Hot Chocolate is to die for!

6) No197 Chiswick Fire Station

If velvet & cactus is your thing, go! A great spot for breakfast/brunch. If only we lived around the corner, we’d be there everyday!

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