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Invisibra's founders a family picture

At InvisiBra, we’re one big happy family and we mean that literally! The brainchild of a mother and two daughters, InvisiBra was born in 2011. The lightbulb moment happened when we needed a backless bra but couldn’t find one that worked on the market. Most just didn’t stick long enough to last the length of a party. We ended up spending the night with our arms crossed, desperately hoping that the bra cups didn’t fall, which would have been so embarrassing. Others didn’t look good. True, it’s a functional product, but we never want to look awful in our underwear! So we thought we’d develop a product ourselves, a product that would empower woman by giving her confidence and support.

Looking good in your outfit starts with the supporting acts — your lingerie. Showing the back of a bra in a backless dress, or straps in an off shoulder top are moments of fashion faux pas you won’t want on Instagram. For too long, we’ve been let down by bras. Bra sizing is a total minefield. Why does every brand tell us we’re a different size? We’re constantly adjusting straps that never stay in place and nursing scars left by the it’s-so-tight-i-can’t-breath strapless bra. InvisiBra is our protest against the traditional bra. The perfect bra should work for you, not against. What we all want from a bra, is to get nice perky breasts that are lifted and is comfortable to wear. Maybe a bit of boost if the occasion calls for it. We don’t think that’s too much to ask at all!

We want to inspire woman to be free, not just from the constraints of a strappy bra, but also to know that she would be well supported and look beautiful in whatever she decides to wear. Click here to check out the outfits you could be wearing with InvisiBra in your styling arsenal.

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