Padded Stick On Bras That Deliver Lift, Shape and Support
padded stick on bra

Padded Stick On Bras That Deliver

From plain nude to padded stick on bras to lace styles, stick on bras are what we do. All our focus is on just one product, so we do it pretty darn well. Here's what you can expect from InvisiBra:

  • Lift, shape and support
  • Padded cups for a boost in cup size
  • Rounder, fuller boobs
  • Soft silicone for a natural rounded shape and comfortable fit
  • Powerful but skin friendly adhesive
  • Long lasting stick that lasts all day and night
  • Sweat and dance proof
  • Reusable

We offer plain silicone as well as lace padded stick on bras. All the styles feature the same cup design, the only difference is the pattern of the lace.

Padded Stick On Bra In Nude

Sometimes you just need a bog standard padded stick on bra. Our "Extra" bra may be no frills on the design front, but don't be fooled into thinking it's anything but a life changing piece of underwear. Not only will you get a boost in your cup size, thanks to the padded cups. You will also get to wear this with all the outfits you already have, and all the outfits that are yet to come. Trust us, once you have this in your underwear drawer, you'll be looking for backless and strapless outfits everywhere to wear it with this bra.

Babe, You're Solid Gold

24 Karat is a nude gold lace padded stick on bra. This is perfect for anyone who loves beautiful lingerie and is looking for something special that will work for both day and night. The extra padding on the silicone cups give you a boost in cup size, resulting in rounder, fuller boobs. What's more, the nude lace will go with absolutely everything, so you can wear this with anything from cream coloured camis to dark, sheer tops. Matching thong and french brief available to purchase.


Pretty In Pink

Feminine and pretty, strawberries & cream is guaranteed to please. The extra padded cups give you the boost you need to fill that top or dress, while the delicate lace adds a touch of sensuality and luxury. To get the most out of our padded stick on bras, you should apply the cups to clean dry skin. If you're in the habit of wearing creams and lotions on your skin, wash the boob area thoroughly before applying the cups. Oily products are stick on bra's biggest enemy as they can interfere with the suction of the adhesive. You can always apply body cream to your other body parts after you've put the bra on.

What size should I get?

Because padded stick on bras are backless and strapless, sizing is different to normal strappy bras. For instance, there is no number element to our sizing, it's just cups. Why? That's due to the fact that the number element reflects the circumference of your under bust (around your rib cage). As the bra is backless and there isn't a band around your body, that's why there isn't a band size to our sizing. That  being said, your band size does affect the cup size you need to purchase.

A general rule is that the smaller your band size (28,30,32), the smaller the Invisibra size you need in relation to the cup size you wear. For example, if you wear a 32F, the invisibra size you need is D. The bigger your band size, the bigger the invisibra size you need, and this could be bigger than the cup size you wear. For example, a 38B, will need a C in InvisiBra size. For more information, please visit our bra size guide.

How many times can I wear the padded stick on bra?

It all depends on how well you take care of your bra. The more care, the longer you can wear it for. To properly care for it, you need to wash it after each use. Just a rinse under running warm tap water is enough. Remember not to scratch its surface with your nails or attempt to dry the cups with a towel. Let the bra air dry over night by laying it flat. Pack it away from dust, using our bra storage case or the box it came in. If you follow our instructions to the T, you should be able to wear it at least 50 times.

How do I put the bra on to get the most lift?

If you put the bra on like you would a normal bra, then you're not going to get much lift out of it. Unclip the cups and position them one at a time. Point the clip down to the floor, stick from bottom up, lifting your boob up before sticking the top bit down. Repeat on other side then clip together. The more distance between the 2 cups, the more cleavage you'll get. It does take practice, but once you've done it a few times, you'll be a pro.

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