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nude stick on bra
Amelia Backless Bra
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Invisibra backless nude bra caramel colour
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Invisibra stick on backless bra
Strapless Backless Push Up Bra With Lace <br> L.O.V.E.
nude stick on bra

Strapless Backless Adhesive Bra
Creme Brûlée




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We all need a strapless backless adhesive bra that’s our shade of nude. Creme Brûlée is a match for chicas who are tanned or olive skinned and is a smooth operator that fits small and big boobs.  It is perfect to wear with thin and sheer materials. The silicone strapless backless adhesive bra cups that hug your boobs and give you a natural rounded shape. So, with this silicone adhesive bra in your closet, there’s no limit to the outfits you can wear. Therefore, no matter how tricky the outfit, InvisiBra does it all.   Also, the added bonus of this silicone stick on bra, is that it’s reusable! Just wash after each use and air dry. Washing the bra is important as it keeps the adhesive sticky and regenerated. Store it in the bra storage case to keep it dust free. Dressing up has never been more fun. Arriba Arriba!

    • I’m a silicone strapless backless adhesive bra.
    • I am designed for olive and tanned skin.
    • I’m here to make you feel more confident in your outfit.
    • Wear me with everything. With me, you’ll never run out of outfit options again.
    • I’m so sticky, I’d stay sticking to you even if you’re the lead dancer in a Bollywood film.
    • I fit small and big boobs.
    • My silicone cups hug your boobs to give you a natural rounded shape.
    • I’m smooth and perfect for thin sheer materials.
    • Wear me right and I’ll give you lift and support.
    • Stick me on clean dry skin. I don’t do well with oils and creams.
    • The straighter you position me, the better the shape I give.
    • I’m no one-hit-wonder. Wear me over and over again.
    • I’m easy, just rinse me with tap water after each wear, it takes seconds
    • Storage case: good for travelling and can be used to store bra, keeping dust free and eliminating plastic packaging

Good to know: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Dermatologist tested, Latex Free




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Size Guide

Fit Guide

The best shape and support is achieved by a cup that covers about 75% of your breast area. If cups are too big for you, they will swamp your breast area and you’ll end up with pancakes instead of lifted rounded breasts!

There are 2 ways to find the right InvisiBra size for you. The quick route is to convert your UK bra size into InvisiBra size. The more accurate route is to measure yourself according to our measuring guide. Because InvisiBra is a backless bra, our sizes come in cup sizes only (A, B, C, D), without the band size (30, 32, 34) element.

  • FIT-GUIDE-01-293x370
  • FIT-GUIDE-11-293x370
  • FIT-GUIDE-10-293x370
  • FIT-GUIDE-08-293x370 copy
  • FIT-GUIDE-07-293x370
  • FIT-GUIDE-06-293x370 copy
  • FIT-GUIDE-05-293x370 copy
  • FIT-GUIDE-03-293x370
  • FIT-GUIDE-02-293x370
Convert your bra size

To get the best lift and shape from InvisiBra, please convert your bra size into the InvisiBra size suggested below. We have found that the optimum fit is achieved by a cup that covers about 75% of your breast area. Click here to see our fit guide.

Invisibra Size: ...

Please note that our suggestion is advisory only. You should judge the appropriateness of size when you receive the product. Remember not to stick the bra on your skin until you are sure that the size you purchased is right for you as this will affect it eligibility for returns.

Find out your bra size
Measure bra size

1. Underbust

Snug underbust (measurement 1): Measure your underbust (line 1). Hold the measuring tape parallel to the ground and exhale. The tape should be snug, tight enough that it doesn’t move, but not too tight that it digs into your skin.

Tight underbust (measurement 2): Measure your underbust again, but this time, pull the tape as tight as possible & exhale.

2. Standing bust

Measure around the fullest part of your breasts (line 2), make sure the tape goes over your nipples and is parallel to the ground.

3. Leading bust

Lean forward so that your upper body is parallel to the ground and your breasts are hanging. Measure around the body and the fullest part of your breasts. Keep the tape perpendicular to the ground.

4. Lying bust

Lie down on the ground and let your breasts fall naturally to the side. Measure around the body and the fullest part of your breasts, making sure that the tape is as straight as possible.


Please enter your measurements to get estimated sizes. Please not all measurements must be in a unit of inches.


Please note that our sizing suggestion is advisory only. You should judge the appropriateness of size when you receive the product.

Knickers size guide table
Loungewear size guide table


We are the only brand to accept returns on backless bras (provided that they are unused). We are not only confident in our product, we also recognise how important customer satisfaction is. We want you to buy with confidence and peace of mind. We appreciate that bra sizing isn’t straight forward so we accept returns if you’ve ordered the wrong size (applies to full priced items only).

InvisiBra is sent with plastic films covering the adhesive, so that you may press the cup against your body to check for sizing. If you are in doubt, please do not remove the plastic film. Once the sticky surface is tampered with, which includes removing the plastic film, touching it with your fingers, applying the cups to your skin, you will not be able to return the item. The sticky surface is very sensitive to touch and dust, so please be careful when you’re handling the cups. If there is evidence that the plastic film has been removed, we will refuse your returns request and the item will be discarded. Please note that all items bought on sale are final. Any free gifts sent with first orders must also be returned if the original order is returned.

Faulty Items

If the item you have received is faulty, then please get in touch with us by emailing us at [email protected] as soon as possible for an exchange or full refund. An item is classified as faulty if it is received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault occurs within 3 months of purchase. Items that are damaged as a result of normal wear and tear are not considered to be faulty.

UK Returns

Returns are free. If you have decided to return an item, please send the items back to us within 28 days of receiving it. Include your sales invoice (or a copy of the order confirmation email) in the box so that we may identify your order. Returns sent back without the correct documentation will not be processed. Take the parcel to the Post Office and obtain a proof of sending. We cannot be responsible for lost packages. We will process your refund once we receive the item. Returns sent back after the 28 days will not be processed. Please note that items bought as a set need to be returned together for a full refund. If only part of the set is returned, the item kept reverts to its full price which will be deducted from the refund.

For your free returns label, please visit the Royal Mail website.

International Customers

You are responsible for the shipping costs of returning the item to us. Please ensure against loss and damage, as we cannot issue a refund until we receive the item and in a state where we can resell it. Please send the item back to Lavalia Ltd, 4 Brunswick Terrace, The Knoll, Beckenham, BR3 5LL. Please mark the parcel and customs form as “RETURNED GOODS”. Parcels improperly marked will give rise to an import VAT which will be passed on to you and deducted from your refund.

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How to wear InvisiBra

InvisiBra is a stick on bra that’s applied directly to your skin. This strapless backless bra allows you to wear backless dresses, tops, wedding dresses in style and comfort. Applying the InvisiBra is really easy but it may take some practice to get the cups in the exact position you want. All it will take is a few practice goes and you’ll soon be able to do it blindfolded.