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Stick On Bra Review

For a novice unfamiliar with the product, a stick on bra review is the first thing you look for. You want to know: “how does a stick on bra work?”, “How does it stay on?” and “What are the best brands?”. Here, we will reveal to you the science behind this magic product and why invisibra should be a staple in every women’s wardrobe.

A hand made product

Invisibra is a stick on bra, made of 2 sticky bra cups. The material used for the cups are medical grade silicon and there’s a clip that holds the cups together. The silicon we use is the same that’s used for breast augmentation. To turn the silicone cups into sticky cups, we apply 3 layers of adhesive to the cups. This is the work of our department of skilled adhesive painters. They use paint brushes to apply the adhesive by hand. Each layer has to dry before the next layer goes on top. This is a time consuming process, but an important one. It ensures that there is enough “Stick” to keep the cups secure when worn.

A stick on bra that actually sticks

The adhesive we use is of superior quality. We’ve tested it at dermatological labs to ensure that it is skin friendly. The quality of our adhesive is important, because it guarantees long term stickiness. Which is why there is no limit to the hours in a day you can wear invisibra. The product also lasts 100 uses if you follow our washing instructions.

Oils are a stick on bra’s enemy

The most important factor affecting a stick on bra is oil. Lotions, creams, beauty products applied on the breast area is a big no-no. This is because the cups need a dry surface for “Grip”. If you put lotion on first, then the cups, the cups will slip and slide. There is no question about it. This is different from sweat. Once on, invisibra will not slide just because you sweat. This is because sweat particles is mostly water, whereas creams are mostly oil.

Application determines shape and lift

A stick on bra means you stick the cups onto your skin. The method you put it on will determine the shape it gives, so there is some skill involved. You detach the cups by undoing the clip in the middle and apply one cup at a time. For an attractive shape, you need to position the bra cups so that the clasps face downwards. If the cups are horizontal, you will get no lift or shape. The cups are mere”Breast covers”. So get those cups on the vertical, and see for yourself the support it gives.

Stick on bra review

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