Strapless Backless Bra – How Does It Work?

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What is a strapless backless bra?

If you've not tried a strapless backless bra, you're in for a bit of a surprise! There is a lot of mystery that surrounds the strapless and backless bra. People want to know “how it works” and “if it works” and why someone would want or need to wear one. There are lots of different types of strapless backless bras, but in its essence, they all stick to your skin. Some stick on bras have sticky wings, and others like InvisiBra, have sticky cups. The idea is that you apply the cups to your boobs, they give you lift, shape and support. After your night out with the bra, you take it off, wash it and it's ready to be used again.

Who needs a strapless backless bra?

We think every women who loves to dress up should have a strapless backless bra, it's the ultimate wardrobe solution. Whether it's for a wedding, a holiday or a party, the strapless backless bra takes care of all these outfits: off shoulder, backless dresses, cut out dresses, spaghetti straps and see through tops. We're fashion purists here at Invisibra, meaning that we think fashion outfits should be allowed to shine without bra straps interfering with the look. There was a time when showing colourful bra straps was considered fashionable. Yes, even Victoria Beckham was at it. But that was back in the early 2000s. We've come a long way since then. With all the new underwear solutions that exist right now, your bra strap really doesn't have any business showing it's face when you're going backless or strapless.

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Other than being a fashion accessory, strapless backless bras can offer a practical underwear solution to women who suffer from chronic back pains or certain medical conditions. Opting to wear strapless backless bras everyday can minimise the discomfort caused by normal bras.

Why not go bra less?

We feel pretty conflicted about going bra less. Because to be honest, going bra less is liberating (#freethenipple), the same way how walking around naked at home can feel liberating. But, when we're going out, suddenly being bra less doesn't feel so liberating anymore. It can actually make you feel more constricted. You might worry about your nipples showing through. Or if your top is low cut, you might flash the world with the slightest bend. Because you don't want to give the pervs a chance to eyeball you or worst, submit you to wolf-whistling, you hide your boobs with your arms. But walking around with your arms crossed just makes you look like you're some angry moody girl.

Also, most of us don't have perky breasts anymore. If you've gained then lost weight, had children, you'll appreciate that our boobs can take a beating from life. They can become a bit deflated. This is why a backless stick on bra can be a lifesaver. Pick a quality stick on bra, and you can wear your outfit with pride and confidence! Your boobs are kept in place, in front and together. Your nipples are covered and you feel supported! What's more, we all know that confidence in the way you look goes a long way to making you more attractive too!

How do I wear a strapless backless bra?

A strapless backless bra such as InvisiBra consists of two bra cups with layers of adhesive on the cup. You apply each cup separately to your boobs. Position them vertically, instead of horizontally to get the most lift. Clip the cups together and boom, you have instant lift, shape and support. Like anything in life, it will take a few practises. But once you've got the technique down, you'll be able to do it blindfolded. Keep the cups clean by washing after each use, and store it away in our storage case to keep them dust free.

Which strapless backless bra should I pick?

InvisiBra offers 3 types of backless bras. The first is the lifting backless bra. These are thinly padded and light weight, perfect for women with bigger boobs looking for maximum lift and support. Choose between plain and lace. For plain nude backless bras, we offer 3 different shades to match skin tones. These offer the greatest versatility in the outfits you can wear because of the smooth finish of the cup.

Our lace styles are pretty and are designed for women who never want to compromise on style. We offer ivory lace styles for weddings, feminine dusty pinks for date nights and sexy black lace for parties.

For ladies who want a boost in cup size, we've got the backless push up bra range to help you get fuller boobs. These styles are more padded, to give you a rounder shape. Becuase of the extra padding, backless push up bras are heavier and therefore, they are not suitable for ladies with bigger breasts.

If you're getting InvisiBra as your bridal underwear, then consider getting the matching sets. All our strapless backless bras can be bought with either seamless underwear or lace undies.

Which size should I get?

InvisiBra's bra sizing is different to normal bras. Because it's a backless bra, our sizes come in A, B, C, D. If you have recently been professionally measured in the last 12 months, then you can simply convert your bra size to InvisiBra size using our bra size convertor. If you are a little unsure about your bra size, you should follow our guide on how to measure bra size. This will give you your up to date bra size. Your bra size can fluctuate if you have lost or gain weight or fallen pregnant. Measuring yourself only takes a few minutes, and this will ensure you get the best bra size for you.

As a general rule, if you are between sizes, we encourage customers to go for a smaller cup size. This is because, the smaller the cup, the more lightweight it is and the better the lift it offers.

Will a strapless backless bra work for me if I've got big boobs?

InvisiBra's D size can fit up to a G cup if you're a 28 inch band size, F if you're a 32 inch band size, E if you're a 34 band size and DD if you're a 36 band size. Whether Invisibra will work for you depends on how firm your boobs are. If your boobs have lost a lot of elasticity due to severe weight loss or multiple pregnancies, then Invisibra may not work for you.