Universally flattering, strapless wedding dresses are a classic go-to summer wedding dress style. The strapless wedding dress is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their arms and neck. One of the most flattering necklines on a strapless dress has to be the sweetheart. A great look for busts of all sizes, the heart shape emphasises the shoulders and neck creating a very romantic look.

But the catch is you may feel it’s impossible to make it through the day without having to pull up your dress. We all fear the slip. That’s why it’s important to not go braless. The standard strapless bra is usually pretty uncomfortable but InvisiBra on the hand is strapless, backless and comfortable.

We use dermatologically tested medical grade silicon and cutting edge adhesive, which is not only skin friendly but proven to give you a secure hold, even when you dance & sweat. The quality of the adhesive is important because without it, you’ll end up dancing with your arms folded to keep your bra from falling. Not a good look. If you’ve put in all that effort to look amazing, don’t settle for a second rate bra. Wearing an InvisiBra will give your dress something to grab onto and it will also add shape to the bodice. We’ve rounded up this season’s best strapless bridal dresses.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf-strapless

Christos Costarellos

christos costarellos-strapless

Mira Zwillinger


Suzanne Harward


Samuelle Couture


Sabrina Dahan


Oscar De La Renta


Maison Yeya


Inbal Dror


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