Summer Tops You Need For This Summer

Summer Tops – The second instalment of our favourite summer fashion picks! Tops are great to mix and match with different bottoms, if you’re going for the flirty look – skirts, want a bit of contrast – tailored trousers, dressing down – denim & shorts. Summer tops that show off our backs / shoulders are obviously our favourite choices. Since InvisiBra was born because we’re not fans of bra straps, they can ruin an outfit and dig in to our skin, causing those red marks that take ages to fade. And most of all who likes tight bra straps in the sweltering heat? We can’t go braless either, so we wanted a solution to have the confidence to wear backless, strapless, strappy tops with something that fits all of our desires, in comes InvisiBra. With Invisibra, less is more because the bra is strapless and backless, which means less material on your skin. With our premium adhesive, it stays on until you take it off. And with all the different designs and lace, you’ve got choices. If you have a plunge top, we’ve got this. If you want a boost, we’ve got push up ones. Need something that matches your skin tone, we’ve got 3 to choose from. So no matter what style of top you have, we’ve got your back.

We believe you can never have enough Summer tops. We love the prints and bright colours. Summer is definitely our favourite season. Long summer days, especially when we’re on holiday, by the sea side, making those lasting memories. We’ve more sociable, we want to get out there more. This means we need more fashion options! Summer is the perfect time to be playful and daring. We usually prefer muted colours in the cooler months. Greys, blacks and navy tend to dominate, but it can tend to get boring. So we open our arms fully to colours!

Our Favourite Tops for This Summer








reformation top


stone cold fox

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