Will My Backless Bra Stay Up?

One of the most popular questions we get asked are “Will My Backless Bra Stay Up?” and “what happens when I sweat?”.

InvisiBra was designed for women who embrace life. Women who travel to exotic places, who dance till the sun comes up and live in the fast lane. This meant that we had to come up with a product that would withstand sweat. Because our idea of having fun often means breaking a sweat!

We wanted to create something that would help you live life to the fullest, from your 9-5 and beyond. All the while feeling supported and secure, without worrying to yourself “will my backless bra stay up?”. We want you to be supported enough to be able to stay all the way through the party. Because it would be criminal to leave the party early just because of a wardrobe malfunction.

Cheap alternatives to InvisiBra tend to use inferior adhesives, so they don’t stand up to the heat and may slip at the faintest hint of a sweat. So going for a premium product such as InvisiBra ensures you have zero quality worries.

How to Sweat Proof Your InvisiBra

To sweat proof your InvisiBra, make sure you’re not wearing any creams, lotions, oil, makeup, powder, bronzer, after sun, balms, etc. You get the idea. Keep the breast area completely moisture free. Sticking the cups onto an oily surface is like applying lipstick in a moving car, it’s not going to work and it’s going to go everywhere.

To ensure your backless bra stay up, you should shower or at least clean the area with water and dry it thoroughly with a towel. This will give the cups the best surface to stick onto. Using the makeup analogy again, would you apply a layer of oil before you apply your makeup? No you wouldn’t, because doing that means you can’t expect anything to stay on. Your foundation will run and your mascara will end up under your eye. In fact, most people apply a primer, which gives the skin a matte finish to better prep for makeup. Same with InvisiBra. The drier the skin, the better the suction.

How to Clean Your InvisiBra

The other important factor is how well you keep your InvisiBra between uses. If you wear it then just chuck it aside without washing it and covering the adhesive, the cups will collect dust and the adhesive won’t stay sticky for long.

Rinse the cups with water after each use, this literally takes a few seconds to do. Put it aside to let it air dry and in the morning, the cups are ready to go again. If you’re not using InvisiBra as a daily bra, then pop the cups back into the tray it came with or simply cover the cups with a plastic film. Taking care of the InvisiBra means it’ll stay sticky for longer, which helps it stay up when you wear it.

Now go and plan your next night out on the dance floor.