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The Best Backless Bra

The best backless bra ever

The best backless bra. Ever.

InvisiBra is the best backless bra if you have a backless or strapless outfit (or many!) and need a bit of support for your boobs. We destroy the strapless bra by being more comfortable and more versatile. We're strapless AND backless. Take that! We've got all outfits that need to be strap free covered. Whether it's a backless wedding dress, a sequinned low back party dress or an off shoulder beach dress, InvisiBra gives you the confidence you need to pull off any look.

We weren't the first to the "backless bra" party, but we definitely arrived to shake things up. We wanted to make the best backless bra that would give women what they paid for. A quality backless bra that would stay on securely all day and night, through dancing and sweat and look enticing when you strip off.

stick on bra that actually works

The stick on bra that actually sticks

The most important quality of a stick on bra is its stick. Because without stickiness, then what you've got is just bra cups that won't stay on. That's why this is the part we've invested the most time and effort, in creating the best backless bra. The adhesive we use on our backless bras is a secret formulation. But what we can reveal is that a major component is silica gel. A medical grade, skin friendly adhesive. When applied to dry skin, this ingenious adhesive forms an air tight seal with the skin. Therefore, you can apply the stick on bra cups in the morning and be confident that they'll last all day and night, until you take them off.

Our stick on bras are sweat proof. This means that you can wear it while on holiday in tropical and hot destinations. You can even dance with them on. We've tested our backless bras on dance floors from Ibiza to Thailand and they stay stuck to you until you collapse in bed at the end of the night. At which point, you'd think about taking the cups off.

When you remove the cups, the adhesive doesn't pull your skin or leave any residue on your skin. In case you were wondering, it's nothing like removing a bandaid. We guarantee it's not an "ouchie" moment.

Bra cups that fit your boobs like a dream

Bra cups that fit your boobs like a dream

Our lifting backless bras and backless push up bras are made of silicone. It's soft and a bit squishy when you press on it, but this quality is exactly what makes it fit like a dream. The cups hug your boobs, moulding to its every curve. Let's compare this with backless bras made of fabric. Fabric backless bras can be rigid. Which means that you don't always get a smooth finish, with edges of cups refusing to stick to your boob.

What's more, with InvisiBra, once the cups are on, you forget that they're there. Silicone is used is many everyday products, including baby pacifiers and cookware. It's also in skincare and hair conditioners. So it's a substance you come into contact with already, everyday.

Because our backless bras are, well backless, there's no back panel, no straps, so sizing is a lot more flexible. Once you've got your bra sizing figured out, either by using our measure bra size guide or converting your bra size, consider getting Invisibra in a smaller size. Because the smaller the cup, the lighter it is and the better the lift and support. We've had lots of success stories from customers who have gone down a cup size. Our backless bras come with plastic films covering the adhesive, so you can easily press the cups to your boobs to test for size and coverage. As long as you haven't stuck the cups to your skin, you can return them!

Reuse again and again

InvisiBra can be reused multiple times, as long as you take care of the bra cups by washing it after each wash. The adhesive regenerates itself when the cups get rinsed. Clever right? All you need to do is rinse under tap water and air dry. Store your Invisibra in a bra storage bag to keep it dust free.

The best backless bra for lingerie lovers

Lingerie should make you feel good. Beautiful lingerie can be a ray of sunshine on a dull and dreary day. With Invisibra, we set out to fully harness the power of lingerie on moods and confidence. That's why we offer lace backless bras and matching lingerie sets. Practical underwear solutions shouldn't have to be plain or boring. It can be exciting, exquisite and enticing too!

The best backless bra for brides

If you're getting married in a backless wedding dress and need pretty bridal underwear that will lift and support you through your big day, InvisiBra is an obvious choice. Our bridal sets of ivory lace and matching french knickers will make any backless bride proud.

Sometimes brides say they'll get paper bra cups sewn into their dress. The problem with that is that paper bra cups are thin and flimsy. They don't give you that lovely rounded shape. They also don't give you any coverage if you happen to lean forward because they're not attached to your body. InvisiBra stays on you, even if you were to bend backwards and our silicone cups give you a wholesome full boob.

The best backless bra for both the minimalist or fashionista

If you're a minimalist or a fashionista with lots of fun outfits, then we've got a the best backless bra for you. Our nude backless bras come in three different shades, so you can match it to your skin tone. They're plain and simple, so you can wear it under the widest range of clothes, even thin materials like chiffon and mesh.

The best backless bra for lift

If you want maximum lift because you have bigger boobs, or you're a a little older, then our lifting backless bras will do the trick. These styles are thinly padded and are lightweight. So they offer the most gravity-defying lift compared to our other styles. How much lift you get from our backless bras also depends on how you put the stick on bra cups on. Positioning them vertically will give your boobs a scoop and lift unachievable by a horizontal application. Not sure what this means, check out our guide on how to wear the bra.

The best backless bra for a boost in cup size

If you have a humble pair of boobs and you want to fill your top, our backless push up bras can give you a hand. These cups feature thicker padding to give you a fuller, rounder shape. Because of the thicker padding, these are heavier and therefore, they're not advisable for anyone that want as much lift as possible.

The best backless bra for plunge necklines

Our plunge backless bra is made of fabric and features sticky cups as well as sticky wings to keep it in place. There isn't a clip between the cups, so you can wear it underneath a plunge top. Sometimes people ask if they can wear our silicone styles without the clip fastened. We don't advise this because doing so, you would be using the cups as nipple covers, and there are better products that are lighter for that purpose. Clipping the cups together is what gives you that lift!

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