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The Best Backless Bra

Premium stick on and backless bra
Invisibras customers review our best backless bra

Everyone knows that a killer outfit starts with the right underwear. A strap showing is all it takes to ruin a seductive off shoulder number or a beautiful backless wedding dress. Strapless bras are so 2000 and late. Check out our post on the difference between an invisibra and a strapless bra. What you need is the best backless bra with the ability to lift and support. Not only to look sensational but the confidence to carry it off. No matter how good you look, you won’t enjoy yourself if you feel self conscious. Click here to see all the fashion possibilities you can wear with invisibra.

If you’ve been blessed with really perky breasts, then maybe you don’t need much lift. But everyone needs support. To go braless feels weird and to have our breasts be that free in public? No thanks. We prefer to keep them in place, which is in front and pointing to the same direction. We even have a method to ensure you get the most lift (apply the cups on the vertical, not horizontal – read more on how to wear invisibra). If you want a boost, we’ve got a push up range for that.

This is what sets invisibra apart from the generic backless bra. We use dermatologically tested medical grade silicon and cutting edge adhesive, which is not only skin friendly but proven to give you a secure hold, even when you dance & sweat. The quality of the adhesive is important because without it, you’ll end up dancing with your arms folded to keep your bra from falling. Not a good look. If you’ve put in all that effort to look amazing, don’t settle for a second rate bra, go for the best backless bra.

The problem with the generic backless bra is that they don’t last. Often, they don’t even stay on the first time you put them on. Invisibra is designed to stay on all day and night until you take them off. It’s also designed to be worn again and again. All you need to do to keep the adhesive sticky is wash it after each use and keep it dust free. Instead of buying a whole load of cheap stick on bras, which is a big waste of money, buy one that will last you through the seasons.

We care about our customers. But don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews. We want you to buy with confidence. We are the only stick on bra brand to accept returns if the bra is unused. Cups are sent with plastic film covering the adhesive so you can test for size. If you’re not 100% impressed with invisibra, get in touch with us, and we’ll be sure to listen and address whatever issue you may have.

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