The Evolution of A Bra

The Evolution of Bras

Women in modern society are conditioned to wear a bra. The bra is there to support, to lift, to flatter, to enhance and to shape. The first bra is usually bought when a girl is starting puberty. As a women ages, her bra choices may change from simple cotton bras or T-shirt bras that are comfortable to lacy sexy bras that seduce and entice. A woman’s breast is a sign of femininity and a bra serves to not only accentuate that femininity. But also to protect and support it. It is no wonder that breasts are often labelled “assets”. It is one of the main physical differences between man and woman. And it is one of the most popular body parts to be flaunted by women.

Like most things in the world, technology has made the previously imagined, possible. The bra had undergone an evolution from corset to bralets to wired bra cups to strapless bras. As bra designers have access to more modern manufacturing processes and fabrics. The bras available on the market today can serve woman in a multitude of ways that were impossible before. For those who want a fuller breast, there are push up bras with in built air cushions. For women who want to wear a glamorous backless dress favored by celebrities on the red carpet, they can purchase a backless bra or a stick on bra.

Backless bras are particularly gaining momentum as women seek a cleaner look to their outfits by not having bra straps on display. Backless bras come in cups sizes A to D so are usually unsuitable for those with larger breasts. Those of bigger cup sizes will usually go for the strapless bras. Which can go up to cup size G for certain brands. Stick on bras are cups which have a layer of adhesive applied to the cups during the manufacturing process and can be reused multiple times.