The October Edit

1) Fiorucci is back

We’re so excited that Fiorucci is back! Elio Fiorucci was one of the pioneers of concept stores and this cult brand was bold, fun & fierce. It embodied creativity, pop culture, art & disco. Bright colours, lycra, and those iconic angels. The London store has a martini bar and a bed upstairs, a cafe run by Palm Vaults on the ground floor, and rumour has it they’re going to open a nightclub in the basement.

2) Palm Vaults @ Fiorucci

As soon as we heard that Palm Vaults opened a cafe in Fiorucci, we went straight there to try it out. Their soft-serve is a thing of beauty, they have 2 flavours, matcha & cereal and you can even swirl the 2 together – swoon. And look at that gold leaf! They also serve things like baby cupcakes and rainbow lattes. Our favourite cafe in London as of yet!

3) Glossier arrives in UK

It’s finally here! We have been loyal readers of Intothegloss since it first started years ago and we have been eagerly waiting for Glossier to drop in the UK since it first launched. You’ve got to be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of Glossier. If you love the glowy look then this cult brand is for you. Run don’t walk, before everything sells out.

Glossier in the U.K ???

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4) The Shine

An export from LA, The Shine is a pop up variety show that features ‘music from local bands, inspiring short films, group meditation, grassroots philanthropy, delicious food and storytelling.’

5) Go watch Blade Runner 2049

We’re huge fans of the original and of course we were hoping that this would live up to it. We’re so glad it did, we absolutely loved it! We highly recommend watching it in IMAX 3D. A welcomed momentary escape of the real world for nearly 3 hours. The film poses a lot of questions about what makes us human and the future of AI.

6) Morning Gloryville Day of the Dead

If you’ve never heard of Morning Gloryville, it’s an early morning sober rave. It’s probably the most uplifting thing you could do to start your day. We love the good vibes, amazing music, yummy smoothies, and glitters! Yes, there’s glitter face paint there. You’ll come out feeling blissed out. They even host some mornings up in the Shard, imagine that view! They have collaborated with Wahaca for a Saturday morning rave to celebrate the Day of the Dead. It’s a thing that you’ve got to dress up for the Morning Gloryville parties – go in your most colourful, expressive thing you’ve got in your closet -we’re into the body and leggings look. Don’t forget to wear your favourite coloured InvisiBra. Not only will it give you the freedom to wear whatever you’d like, it will also free you from all those tight straps and constrictions, but still don’t want to flash anyone if you dance too hard.

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