The perfect travel companion

You’ve got your holiday booked, a short getaway with your lover to get some sun/R&R. You’ve got a beautiful hotel sorted and a lovely romantic meal pencilled in. Now all that stands between you and that holiday is a cleverly packed holdall that you’ll be able to hand-carry on board (avoiding the extra £40 for checked bags). Women don’t “travel light”, we simply have too many “necessities”. It’s not due to us being indecisive and end up packing our whole wardrobe to go with us (although some women are guilty of this, ahem, me!), but as a woman I need a variety of outfits, shoes, accessories and toiletries (hairspray, makeup, perfume, sunscreen, aftersun, serums, sprays and creams) to look my best.

All that stuff has to fit into a 56 x 45 x 25 cm bag if you’re lucky enough to fly British Airways and only a 55 x 40 x 20 cm bag if you’re flying Ryanair. If you’ve ever witnessed the sad sight of anyone trying to stuff their hold all into the hand-baggage-size-checker, you’ll know how small that space is. The solution is you sift through your stuff and categorize them under Can’t go anywhere without you! and only if I have space…Underwear is firmly in the first camp, that is unless, you plan on spending most of your time in bed and nudist beaches.

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Why InvisiBra is The perfect travel companion

While you need fresh undies everyday, you can now travel with the only bra you need—the InvisiBra. It’s a light, self-adhesive backless bra. It’s also easy to care for; all you have to do is rinse it under tap water and let it air dry, then it’s ready to be used again the next morning. And just think, you won’t be coming back from your travels with a bag of bras that need washing, bonus!  I usually bring  one nude, one black and a push up. Backless bras are so useful for holidays in the sun. You can tan wearing just InvisiBra to avoid getting tan lines on your shoulder and back. If you like wearing backless dresses as much as I do, then a backless bra is a must. Wearing a conventional bra and showing the back straps is a big NO-NO and unless you have perfectly perky breasts, going braless is usually not an option either. Before stick on bras were invented, I wore strapless bras that were so uncomfortable it dug into my sides leaving me with unattractive rash lines. Thanks to the ingenuity of the stick on bra, I now travel lighter and can show off a tan-line free shoulder and back. Check out our bra travel bag which protects your InvisiBras while travelling.  The travelling bag keeps your Invisibra dust free and you can keep 3 pairs in each case.