The Top 10 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

The Top 10 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

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Planning your wedding day is like planning the party of a lifetime, pull it off and you could probably plan Glastonbury singlehandedly. You’re not alone if you’ve actually considered quitting your job to become a full time wedding planner – for your own wedding day.

If you feel like your life has become one big spreadsheet and your living room like a Pinterest board, girl we’ve been there. Also, you’re speaking to multi award winning bridesmaids here, (self awarded) so let us help you rock your wedding like the goddess bride you are.

If you can spare a couple of minutes in between making your favours and soldering gold hearts together, here’s our list of Top 10 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day. We know you’ve got this, but before you put that bursting ring binder to bed, trust us, take a peak, because it can be easy to overlook the small things that might happen on the day, like, “wait…who’s got the rings?!”

1. Seriously though, who’s got the rings?

It might seem like a silly faux pas, but it does happen. With all the nerves and so many people running around, those wedding rings can get easily lost in various exchanges, or not even make it out of the suitcase at all. We know your diamond’s big, but those rings are teeny. Avoid all panic at the altar and make sure you plan who will get and give the bling on the big day. Then watch your ring bearer like a hawk

2. Give the gifts on your wedding day

There are a few people you need to remember to gift and thank on the morning of your big day. Your husband-to-be obviously, any parents, and of course your bridesmaid team. Us bridesmaids go through it, we wear dresses that don’t fit right, spend hours agonising over a dream hen weekend and keep the crazy auntie away from the estranged uncle.

3. Backless & Strapless or Racy & Lacy

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Depending on your wedding dress, you may need two types of wedding underwear. If you’re going backless or strapless, then getting your backless bra sorted is a priority. Later on you might want to slip into something lacy, although any chance of sexy time is slim (apparently more than half of just-married couples don’t have sex on their wedding night). After partying the night away you’ll probably just fall asleep with one of our backless bras on, we don’t blame you, it’s like a second skin.

4. Photographers eat too

You might have a handful of suppliers on the big day and don’t forget they need to eat too. Remember to budget them into the day for food and some drink. Keep them sweet and they’ll be more likely to capture your best angle.

5. Hold my bag

Bridesmaids are so handy; toilet trips, distracting the difficult M-I-L, carrying your bouquet, consider them your entourage. Make sure you give them the bits you might need throughout the night, like make up supplies in case you want to do any touch ups mid evening. #browsandvows

6. Mingle like a maniac (but with the best)

You might have a huge wedding, or a small intimate one. Whichever you’re going for, getting round to talk to everyone isn’t easy. Firstly, as you’ll have been told, the day goes by at hyper speed, so when you think you’ve been talking to your cousin for 5 minutes, in wedding time that’s about half an hour. Most brides will tell you to be selfish and spend the longest time with the guests you want to, so don’t feel bad for just having quick conversations with those distant relatives. Get round your guests during courses, or at aperitifs and you won’t have any party guilt the next day.

7. Emergency… Prosecco

Be prepared and think of everything that you might need in a last minute wedding emergency. A sewing kit, plasters, flat shoes, tissues, or extra Prosecco for Dutch courage of course (priorities). Pack it all in one emergency kit to avoid any panics.

8. Be extra… with time

Add an extra half an hour or even an hour on to your bridal beauty time. You’ll be grateful for this when you can actually enjoy a relaxed glass of bubbly with your b-maids. A last minute dash is not what you need, so if it means an extra hour less in bed then do it. Let’s face it; you’ll be waking up early with party nerves anyway!

9.You can have your cake and eat itEat cake on your wedding day

With all the hosting, mingling and speeches it can be very easy to forget to eat. Girl, you spent hours food tasting pre-wedding, so enjoy it. Also, how long have you been on a wedding diet for? Face plant the bread and cake before we do.

10. Don’t sweat the small things

Chances are your guests won’t notice the main was missing the purple carrots and the speeches over ran. This is the great thing about weddings; they are one big celebration, so just remember, as long as your guests are happy you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Focus on putting the guests first and you’ll have a dreamy day.

So there we have it InvisiBabes, 10 of the small things that will make your big day that extra special. We’ll look out for our invite in the post.


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