Top 4 Tips To Staying Fresh On A Long Haul Flight

We love to travel, we would never pass up a chance to explore new cultures and beautiful beaches, but when we have to take that long haul flight, it’s a given that our skin feels dehydrated (super oily) and our body feels so stiff when we get off the plane. Most of the time it takes us a day or 2 to fully recover, which isn’t great when you’ve got all your plans.

A long haul flight can be really dehydrating for your skin and body – the decrease in pressure, oxygen and the lack of humidity is a sure way to make your skin dry and uncomfortable.

Here are our top 4 tips to staying fresh on a long haul flight:

1) Drink water!

Since your body gets incredibly dehydrated during the flight, it’s probably best to stay away from dehydrating drinks such as tomato juice, soft drinks, alcohol and anything caffeinated. Choose water to hydrate your body and drink plenty of it! It will help keep your body hydrated, skin plumped and fresh when you get off the plane!

2) Avoid the super salty snacks

Since these would also dehydrate your body! Choose vegetables and fruits with high water content like cucumbers and melons to help with hydration.

3) Hydrate your skin

As soon as you board the plane, cleanse your skin and apply a mask straight away, we love a good hydrating mask or sheet masks. Don’t forget lip balm and some hand cream to keep them hydrated. Just before landing, refresh your skin with a cleanse, spritz with a hydrating toner and apply moisturiser, your skin will thank you!

4) Move around!

When you’re not sleeping, make sure to stand up, walk around and do some stretches every hour. It will keep your blood moving and avoid stiffness.

By following these few simple tips, you’re going to feel so fresh when you get off the plane!

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